Best Grill Thermometers to Buy – [February 2021]

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Picks to Buy!

NutriChef Smart BBQ Thermometer

NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

ThermoPro TP20 Thermometer

ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Thermometer

Grills are one of the best sources of cooking at which you combine your food with a crunchy flavour. In this, you can serve all kinds of food such as hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, pork chops, and fish at your table with a fresh taste.

But have you ever thought that there is one thing in the grill that can ruin your cookouts? Yes, you got it right, improper temperature arrangement.

With the wrong cooking temperature, you can definitely lose the natural flavour of your food, and you probably don’t want to!

To avoid this problem, a grill thermometer is an excellent investment, which you can choose from here today. A BBQ thermometer is a device used to check the internal temperature of a food item so that you can make sure that your food is fully cooked or not.

We have compiled a list of the Top BBQ Thermometers on the market here, as well as a complete explanation of each product, its benefits and disadvantages that will help you choose the right option for you.

So let’s know in depth about these products and find out which option suits your needs.

Top 10 Grill Thermometers

Product Name Probes Outdoor Range(‘) Indoor Range(‘)
NutriChef Smart Thermometer 2 328 100
ThermoPro TP20 Thermometer 2 300
Weber 6750 Thermometer 1
Soraken Wireless Thermometer 4 170 100
Inkbird IBT-6XS Thermometer 6 150
ThermoPro TP22S Thermometer 2 300
Weber iGrill 3 Thermometer 2 150 150
Meater Plus Thermometer 1 165 165
BFOUR Bluetooth Thermometer 6 198 100
Maverick ET-733 Thermometer 2 300

Which are the 10 Best Grill Thermometers in 2021?

1. NutriChef Bluetooth Smart BBQ Thermometer

NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer
  • Stainless Steel Probes
  • 328′ Outdoor Range
  • 2 Probes
  • Large LCD Display
  • Wireless Remote Alert
  • Easy Setup

NutriChef Smart Bluetooth Thermometer, which ranks first in our top choice category due to its outstanding features. It functions appropriately in maintaining high-performance balance with reasonable price. Its durable probes have been upgraded to withstand temperatures up to 472 ° F, which can work best for grilling or smoking in any situation.

Talking about its Bluetooth wireless connectivity, it gives you the power to control the grill 328 feet outdoors and 100 feet indoors. If you have gone beyond the limit, an alert will come to your phone immediately. For this, you have to download the EasyBBQ app on your smartphone.

Apart from all this, you can also pre-set your desired internal temperature in it, which will give you a notification when your food is at the desired temperature. You will not have to worry about constant monitoring of grill temperature.

There are 2 stainless steel probes provided with this device, but you can add 4 additional probes (sold separately) to it. That is, you can now monitor up to 6 different meat at once.

The Good

  • It offers a great price point.
  • This facilitates wireless control with a wireless remote.
  • It can use a phone app display, or an included LED display to monitor the temperature.
  • It is capable of monitoring internal temperatures of up to 6 meats at a time.
  • Its high-quality probes can withstand heat up to 472 ° F.

The Bad

  • There may be some issues associated with BT connectivity.

2. ThermoPro Wireless TP20 Remote Digital Thermometer

ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Thermometer
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Hands-Free Monitor
  • Hassle-Free Setup
  • Durable and Accurate
  • Alarm, Timer & Backlight
  • 300 Feet Range

If you have a good thermometer to cook mine, it helps you eliminate all guesses and cook the food completely every time. But you do not have anything like this, and if you are in search of a better one, then Pro TP20 may be the right choice for you. It is equipped with dual-probe technology, enabling you to monitor two types of meat or use a sensor as an oven probe that will accurately read the temperature around it.

It is provided with a receiver range of up to 300 feet away, which will keep you updated on the temperature of your food, that is, you can check your food anytime, anywhere. This gives you a temperature of 32 ° F to 572 ° F (0 ° C to 300 ° C).

Its high accuracy and heat resistance is much better. Its probe and wire can withstand up to 716 ° F. It has also added an alarm for programmed temps that the receiver will flash and beep when the temperature of the food reaches your programmed temperature.

The Good

  • It facilitates food monitoring with double-check technology.
  • It has a simple interface and setup.
  • It refers to Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature readings.
  • Timer and temperature settings are saved when the unit is shut down.
  • Its receiver is splash-proof, which can withstand the max temperature.
  • A pullout counter top stand has also been included with this.
  • Its instant read big backlit LCD makes grilling easier during the night.

The Bad

  • Its clip did not feel functional, and it moved around.

3. Weber 6750 Instant Read Thermometer

Weber 6750 Instant Read Meat Thermometer
  • Digital Display
  • Fast, Accurate Reading
  • Temperature: 446°F
  • Comfortable Size
  • Reading in °F/°C

The Weber 6750 is a versatile and best smoker thermometer that provides reliable rendering every time. It provides quick readings comparable to other meat thermometer.

A digital screen displaying large values has been added to it, which makes it easy to recognize readings quickly. For ease of use, it incorporates a swivel head and strong stainless steel probe.

In addition to instant read meat temp, you can also use this bbq thermometer to monitor the temperature of other foods. To safely monitor various heat intensities, it employs a wide T° range from 32 ° F to 446 ° F.

It will automatically shut off after about 15 minutes when not in use. For convenience, a BBQ thermometer can read it in both Fahrenheit and Celsius values. To protect its beautiful appearance, it comes with a protective cover.

The Good

  • It shows fast and accurate readings.
  • Its display is very easy to read.
  • It stops work automatically when not in use.
  • It is provided with a protective cover.
  • It is also easy to clean.
  • It is small in size for easy storage.

The Bad

  • It has basic facilities only.
  • It is not waterproof.

4. Soraken BBQ Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling

Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling
  • Smoker Thermometer
  • 4 Probes
  • 32°F-572°F Range
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • One-Button Setup

The Soraken Bluetooth Thermometer comes with 4 probes that allow you to accurately cook meat by monitoring your smoke or grill from 196 feet away. No tedious setup steps have been added to it, just a button on / off and lit back.

This instant read meat thermometer connects easily to your phone or iPad, and you will be able to monitor your grill from indoor 100 feet, outdoor 170 feet. That is, you can do any work while cooking.

It has a preset Temp and cooking level for 11 types of food recommended by the USDA. In it, you can set a high/low Temp range and manually set a timer or reset to suit your taste. When the time or temps exceed, it will beep and flash with a backlight.

It comes with 4 probes, which can operate on temperature measurements from 32 ° F to 572 ° F. Their wire is made from metal braiding and upgraded Teflon, which has a capacity of up to 716 ° F.

Apart from all this, another special thing that sets it apart from others is its strong magnet back, so that you can easily attach it to the grill. You can place it on most metal surfaces such as non-heated surfaces of the oven, fridge, or grill.

The Good

  • It is a wireless Bluetooth thermometer that connects easily to your phone or iPad.
  • This indoor 100 feet, outdoor 170 feet distance allows the grill to be monitored.
  • You can set it manually to suit your taste.
  • It has 4 different color coded probes added.
  • It can also operate at a maximum temp of 572 ° F.
  • Its probe wire is made from metal braiding and upgraded Teflon.

The Bad

  • Its indoor range is slightly less.

5. Inkbird Wireless IBT-6XS Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

Inkbird IBT-6XS Wireless Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer
  • 6 Probes
  • Magnetic Design
  • Rotatable Screen
  • Timer and Alarm
  • Amazing Performance
  • Range Wireless 150ft

The IBT-6XS thermometer is an upgraded model, incorporating a 1000mAh rechargeable Li-Battery, magnetic design and rotatable LED screen, making it more stable and convenient than ever before.

Its BTW, high and low alarm and count-down timer function are fun enough to free you of cooks so you can give more time to family and your friends.

This wireless thermometer has six sockets added, which can support six probes at the same time. This is a wonderful choice for your diverse cooking plans and a good gift for the festival.

The Good

  • Its construction quality is quite good.
  • It is very favourable for use.
  • Its max temperature area is up to 572 ° F.
  • It supports both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Its wireless range is up to 50 m / 150 ft.

The Bad

  • Wifi has not been added to this.

6. ThermoPro TP22S Digital Wireless Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP22S Digital Wireless Meat Thermometer
  • Dual Probe
  • Range 300fts
  • Durable and Accurate
  • Countdown Timer
  • Alarm Function
  • Big LCD Display

It incorporates two highly accurate and heat resistant probes that have a sensor that can achieve accurate readings up to s 1.8 ° F / 1 ° C. With these you can check the temperature from 32 ° F to 572 ° F.

Its Alarm Function works to get the meat out of the heat at the right time so that you are never done. Also, if your transmitter is out of range or the radio frequency signal has been lost, the Lost Link Alert warns you.

Its multifunctional digital timer protects you from the need to buy another timer. This timer function will keep track of all your vegetable dishes while monitoring your meat temperature. You can use the timer function for homework, exercise, games, and more.

The Good

  • It provides you with a stress free Set Up.
  • Its remote range is up to 300 feet.
  • Its temperature accuracy is up to 1.8 ° F (1 ° C).
  • You can use it for BBQ, smoker, grill, oven, meat and food.
  • It also provides you with the facility of the countdown and count-up timer.
  • An alarm function has been incorporated to maintain the quality of food.
  • A great backlit LCD Display has been added to it.

The Bad

  • It does not include a protective storage case.

7. Weber 7204 iGrill 3 Thermometer

Weber 7204 iGrill 3 Thermometer
  • Connect & Monitor
  • Perfect Results
  • 2 Meat Probes
  • Four Probe capacity
  • Heat Resistant
  • 250hr battery life

The Weber iGrill 3 Thermometer is a great choice designed with a great look. To use it, you only need to understand or apply 5 basic steps: install it, download the free app, check, connect to the app, and monitor the temperature.

Its temperature range is quite wide (572 ° F), and up to 4 test capacities (only 2 meat probes are included with this pack) and has a temperature alarm function. They have the strength to withstand heat up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the probe determines the correct temperature of the food, the device will alert you via video and audio signals. Its iGrill app comes with pre-installed grilling recipes, tips, custom alerts, temperature charting and social sharing buttons.

Note: iGrill 3 is only compatible with Weber Genesis II, Genesis II LX, and Spirit II gas.

The Good

  • It is easy to use.
  • It displays stick and quick temperature.
  • It comes with good quality checks.
  • Its powerful battery can last up to 250 hours continuously.
  • It also includes 2 meat probes.

The Bad

  • It is only compatible with Weber’s model.

8. Meater Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer

Meater Plus Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer
  • 165ft Long Range
  • 100% Wire-Free
  • Dual Temp sensors
  • Guided Cook System
  • Simple To Set Up
  • Receive Alerts

Meater Plus is an easy smart kitchen device that offers similar functionality with a better price. It is a long range instant read wireless meat thermometer that packs internal and ambient temperature sensors into a probe. It sends a notification to your phone, guessing your cooking time when your meal is ready.

It is manufactured with stainless steel which is 5.1 inches long and 0.2 inches in diameter. A ceramic handle and an ambient temperature sensor have been added at the top end. It can maintain a maximum internal temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum temperature of 527 degrees Fahrenheit. It has no display or physical buttons, and all the information is shown on your phone using the app.

It has a wooden charging dock, on which you will be able to charge for using it easily. Its Bluetooth range is from 30 feet to about 165 feet. There are magnets above and below the dock, with which you can stick it on your refrigerator or grill.

The Good

  • It comes with a sleek and compact design.
  • It is very easy to setup.
  • It sends a notification to your phone when the food is cooked.
  • It is compatible with Alexa.
  • It is completely wireless.
  • Its control range is much higher.

The Bad

  • The cost may be higher for some.

9. BFOUR Bluetooth Digital Meat Thermometer

BFOUR Bluetooth Wireless Digital Grill Thermometer
  • Latest Technology
  • Quick set up
  • Easy App
  • Simple And Stylish
  • 6 Durable Probes
  • 24-Month Warranty

This smart Bluetooth instant read thermometer transfers precise temperatures to your phone in real-time with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. You can use it easily in the house or yard, its outdoor control range is 198 ft / 60 m and indoor 100 ft / 30 m. When the food is ready, an alert will be sent to you.

It is very easy to use. You can easily select the protein type, and it will automatically set the alarm based on the USDA recommended temperature. You can also set a temperature or time alarm as needed.

It comes in a very simple and stylish design whose newly upgraded display has an ultra-bright orange backlight that allows the grille to be completed at night as usual.

It also incorporates 6 precise and durable probes to monitor the smoker’s ambient temp. Each probe has a heat-resistant (662 ° F) aluminium alloy handle that can be safely used in ovens and grills.

The Good

  • It comes in an attractive white colour.
  • It aims to support 6-channel usage at the same time.
  • It comes in a 144g portable size.
  • Its Bluetooth transmission range is up to 196ft (60M).
  • It displays the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The Bad

  • Can not use it in the open flame.

10. Maverick ET-733 Wireless Dual Probe Thermometer Set

Maverick ET-733 Wireless Dual Probe Thermometer Set
  • Larger Backlit Display
  • 2 Hybrid Probes
  • Easy Control
  • 300fts Range
  • 15 Preset Temperatures

The Maverick ET-733 dual probe thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature of food up to 300 feet away. Just select the probe, and then choose the temperature you want. You can also set a temperature range in it.

An alarm has been added to it that sounds when the lower or upper limit is exceeded. Its receiver has a backlight that helps change the setting in the dark, and it extinguishes automatically after five seconds.

Its large backlit screen shows more information so that you can easily change the temperature or setting. It features 2 hybrid probes, easy controls and 15 new preset temperatures to choose from.

It is also capable of monitoring the internal temperature of the meat from 300 feet away, if you go out of range for more than a minute, the wireless receiver will start to alert the signal. Its probe wires are 3 feet long and are rated for 716 ° F.

A remote receiver, remote transmitter, ambient probe, meat probe, ambient probe clip and 4 AAA batteries are included with this pack.

The Good

  • Hybrid probes are included in this.
  • It has 15 predetermined temperatures.
  • It can change the predetermined temperature for personal taste.
  • Its audio alarm alerts you to reach a preset temperature.
  • It has a control range of 300 feet.
  • Its receivers can display temperatures from 32 ° F to 572 ° F.

The Bad

  • It has seen temperature fluctuations.

How To Choose The Best BBQ Thermometers?

Best Grill Thermometers

It is very important to choose the meat thermometer properly because it will show the quality of the food you make. Each thermometer has its own special properties and factors based on which you can choose for yourself. We have further explained these features so that you can make your move towards the right choice.

Accurate Temperature And Speedy

Speed and clarity are the most important parts of a good kitchen thermometer so that you can get a steady reading of temperature quickly. It is very important to maintain the consistency of temperature when preparing food so that you can get the result or taste that your family expects from you. For this, you expect a thermometer that quickly displays the final temperature with clarity.

Probe Length

You should also keep in mind when choosing an appropriate option, that the probe on the thermometer is thin so that the flavour juices do not leak after closing the grill or smoker lid. If you use large roasts or deep pots for cooking, choose a longer probe to reach the centre. A long probe also helps your hands maintain a safe distance from heat and steam.


You must understand that the thermometer has to withstand the maximum heat continuously. If its durability is not suitable to withstand heat, it will not be able to work for long. So at the time of purchase, you must check the thermometer IP rating. IP ratings that indicate how much abuse an item can withstand.

Easy to read

We always like a thermometer whose digital screen can instant read our eyes easily. We can also understand the display that displays a large number so that you can complete your household chores by keeping it on the side. Nowadays most devices are coming with backlit facilities which are very convenient to grill outside at night.

Reasonable price

Choosing the right price maximizes the features of your option. Here it is not even necessary that you choose a very expensive or very cheap option. You see an option that is right for you and contains all the things that meet your needs.

Final Verdict

Starting the grill or smoking process without a probe thermometer is like moving a truck on ice because it is one of those tools that makes a lot of guesswork associated with trying to grill the right steak or smoke the right brisket.

Therefore, you should choose a suitable option for yourself so that you can keep the expectations of your family and friends and serve them a delicious meal.

Hopefully, this guide helped you find the best smoker thermometers for your bbq needs. Please tell us how your section was. If you want to give any suggestion or question, then comment us below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Food Thermometers Be Used To Check Body Temperature?

No, if you want to check your body temperature, then use clinical thermometer only. A food thermometer is used to measure very high temperatures that will not display body temperature.

2. Are Smoker Thermometers Always Accurate?

The thermometers that come with most BBQ grills and smokers are not able to fully display the temperature because low-quality thermometers are added to their manufacturing. Apart from this, they are installed on the cover of grill or smoker so that they will only show you the estimate of the heat inside, not the food.

3. Is It Appropriate To Grill With The Lid Open?

If you’re cooking thin pieces of meat, it may be best to leave the cover open because leaving the cover open will slow the cooking process by lowering the temperature around the meat. For thicker pieces, you close the lid to keep the temperature high and flat.

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