Best Grilling Planks to Buy – [February 2021]

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Oregon Cedar Grilling Planks

Oregon Cedar Western Red Cedar Planks

Wood Fire Grilling Planks

Wood Fire Grilling Co. Grilling Planks

Planck grilling is a method in which food is grilled by placing it on a wooden board in indirect heat. It is the best way to give the dish a darker, wood-smoked flavour. This method is good at defeating standard woodchips and pellets because the skin of your chicken or veggie is directly in contact with the charred plank.

You will find many different types and sizes in the market, but finding the best option can be difficult if you taste it for the first time. Its main types include:-

Cedar – salmon, chicken, seafood, other fish, vegetables and more.
Alder – white-fish, vegetables and seafood.
Cherry – chicken, fruits, poultry and vegetables.
Hickory – lamb, beef, wild game and fruits.
Maple – pizza, pork, pineapple.
Red Oak – wild game, pork, beef, fish and lamb.

All these types are special in themselves, which add flavour to the food according to their own qualities. You will always want a product that does not have any errors as if they are without any lumps, holes, splatter etc because you are going to cook or serve food for your loved ones on these planks.

Nowadays, some companies in the market are offering pre-soaked planks in liquids such as juices and liquor, but the best taste comes from untreated, natural wood. So today we have brought you some of the best options that are completely natural and provide the ultimate level of taste.

Top 10 Grilling Planks

Product Size” No of Planks
Oregon Cedar Planks 7 x 15 8
Wood Fire Planks 5 x 11 30
Wood Fire XL Planks 7 x 15 6
Cedared Cedar Planks 8 x 15 8
Grill Gourmet Planks 5 x 11 12
Weber Firespice Planks 6 x 15 2
Camerons Grilling Planks 5.5 x 11.5 4
Coastal Cuisine Planks 7 x 18 8
Wildwood Variety Planks 5 x 11 6
Nature Carrier Planks 6 x 12 12

Which are the 10 Best Grilling Planks in 2021?

1. Oregon Cedar Western Red Cedar Planks

Oregon Cedar Western Red Cedar Planks
  • Cedar Tree Wood
  • Additive Free
  • Size 7″ x 15″
  • 8-Pack
  • Spicy Smoke

This is a set of 8 pieces that provide enough space (7×15-Inches) to hold food. These pieces have been completely naturalized. They use 100% Western Red Cedar, which is considered the best in terms of taste.

It provides completely additive-free and safe food, so you no longer need to worry about health-related problems. They are fully dried in the furnace, so it absorbs water better and cooks without much smoke.

They are sold as thick planks, which can be reused more often and provide better prices. Its 2.5 inches thick surface will give you more smoke taste and less chance of bending.

The Good

  • They offer reasonable quality and wide size.
  • There is no mould problem.
  • They are capable of absorbing water completely.
  • They have a silky-smooth finish.
  • It fits large dishes easily.

The Bad

  • Lumps were found in some pieces, but not with everyone.

2. Wood Fire Grilling Planks

Wood Fire Grilling Co. Grilling Planks
  • 30-Planks Set
  • Outstanding Flavor
  • 2-4 Servings
  • Affordable
  • Natural & Non-Toxic

If you are searching for an option that will keep your budget, then Woodfire is offered to you at a nominal price. It is for a small occasion or long term use in a barbecue party or your backyard.

The most important thing is that each board is capable of fitting it in 2-4 servings which will definitely reduce your expenses. Being 3/8-inch in thickness, it assists slow cooking, thus preparing food that fills the taste in the mouth.

Its most important thing is that it is kept completely natural and no chemical coating is used, so the food is given the best natural smokey cedar taste. These are sanded to provide a shiny finish. Finally, it is prepared with an attractive look and flavor.

The Good

  • The set is made from certified cedar.
  • It comes with an attractive finish.
  • It works well in ovens, grills, and smoking appliances.
  • Each piece of this set provides 2–4 servings.
  • It can handle many varieties of cooking.

The Bad

  • This reduces some important parts and components.

3. Wood Fire XL Large Cedar Planks

Wood Fire XL Large Cedar Planks
  • 6 Extra Large Planks
  • Delicious Smoky Flavor
  • Healthy Way
  • FREE Recipe eBook
  • 4-6 Servings

If you are looking planks for grilling that can handle all quantities at once to meet the maximum needs of your family, this XL Large Plank 6 piece set of Woodfire will be ideal for you.

It can comfortably prepare enough food for 4-6 servings at a time. The main reason for this is that it is 7 inches wide by 15 inches long. This provides ample space to handle a large king salmon fish.

It is also constructed from western cedar wood which is long-lasting and sufficiently firm. Its use is a better way to enter a healthy and moist environment.

Now you have to consider what to cook for the family over the weekend. If you can’t find a proper idea, then be sure as this pack is accompanied by an easy e-book full of recipes.

The Good

  • Each plank in this set is large enough for 4-6 servings.
  • It is food safety certified product.
  • It is manufactured and packaged in the United States.
  • It does not contain any chemicals or additives.
  • It is untreated for the flavor of natural smoke.
  • Use it in the grill or oven.

The Bad

  • It required an excellent finish.

4. Cedared Cedar Planks Kit

Cedared Cedar Planks Kit
  • 10% Natural
  • Large & Thick
  • Free Spray Bottle
  • Amazing Quality
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Perhaps you have been grilling all kinds of food – shrimp, fish, steak on your grill for quite some time, but have you missed the juicy flavor in the food? And are you not able to get that attractive taste and aroma?

If you want to transform your regular grilled meat into an awe-inspiring explosion of smoked flavour, order a CEDAREO set of 8 pieces now. It is the solution to all your problems which till now you were having during the bbq session. With this, you get to enjoy the full smokey taste you wish you had every time.

Unlike other wooden planks, both sides of them are sanded for a flat finish so that you can grill easily without the worry of peeling. On top of this, you can bake burgers, a piece of fish and some salad. Can. It is 15 ”L X 5” W in dimensions which is a sufficient size for any BBQ session.

The Good

  • It is easy to wash with warm water.
  • It can be used to serve dishes.
  • It also includes a BPA-free BBQ sprinkle bottle.
  • It comes with detailed usage instructions.
  • These add a delicious smokey flavour to the meal.
  • This is nice gift for the grill master.
  • 100% refund or a free replacement offered by the manufacturer.

The Bad

  • It gives you extra, not less.

5. Grill Gourmet Cedar Planks – 12 Pack

Grill Gourmet Cedar Planks - 12 Pack
  • More Flavor
  • 1/3 Thick
  • Handle Crowd
  • Great Finish
  • Lightweight

These are 5.5 inches wide by 11 inches long and work amazingly with a reasonable thickness. They are made from natural western red cedar, granting high levels of flavour.

Gourmet Grill does not recommend using these grilling frames more than once, which is also a negative aspect, but the manufacturer argues that reuse may be unnatural.

The best thing about this pack is that its price is much lower than other market options. If you intend to use planks in public competitions or a large party, then this option may become ideal for you.

Just make sure the planks are soaked well before serving food. For three to four hours, so that you can leave the food in a smoky smoke to make it slow.

The Good

  • They have been given sufficient size and thickness.
  • It is the perfect gift for home applications.
  • This pure cedar smoke produces flavour.
  • It can handle many types of recipes at once.
  • It provides a reasonable price.

The Bad

  • It is used only once.

6. Weber Cedar 17302 Firespice Planks

Weber Cedar 17302 Firespice Planks
  • Trusted Name
  • Two Planks
  • Fit Size
  • 0.3″ Thickness
  • Great Taste

Weber BBQ Grill is a well-known name in the world which has always been providing high-quality products to its customers. These grills make everything you need during a grilling session, and all these products are of the highest level.

Weber 17302 Firespice Planks, which is very much liked by the people in terms of taste. It is made with pure cedar wood that gives you tasty food all time. So now you do not hold back from adding savoury cedar flavour to the food.

This set includes two pieces and has dimensions of 15 x 5.7 x 0.3 inches (of each). Crafted from continuously harvested cedar, these Takht are perfect for salmon, or any other meat or vegetable large size. Just soak them for an hour before use, and then allow steam and savoury smoke to fill your food with flavour.

The Good

  • The name is enough for faith.
  • These add delicious flavour every time.
  • Their size is appropriate for larger fillets.
  • They are capable of slow cooking.

The Bad

  • There is a need to increase the number of Planks in this set to avoid frequent purchases.

7. Camerons 4 Pack Cedar Grilling Planks

Camerons 4 Pack Cedar Grilling Planks
  • 4 Planks Set
  • Use 2-3 Times
  • Roasts Food Slowly
  • Best Quality
  • Great Gift

If you are a professional chef, you will choose the leading product in cooking technology. You are always looking for an alternative that is the same for professional results. In this case, you can use Camerons Grilling Planks as this manufacturer has been in existence for 25 years.

This is the easiest way to infect a smoked or grilled flavour in all foods. You can easily include a range of dishes on these, including but not limited to pork chops, vegetables, burgers, steak, seafood, salmon and many more.

Cameron premium grilling planks are made in the USA of all-natural cedar. This is cut thicker for added flavour. These planks are a best gift for the grill master who is a life enthusiast. Experienced grill masters will appreciate the high quality while enthusiasts will like to test a new technique for cooking.

The Good

  • It is broad in size.
  • It slowly roasts the food to impart great flavours.
  • Can be used thrice before its final disposal.
  • It is smooth and adds extra flavour to your dishes.
  • It is thicker for better heat retention and extra flavour.

The Bad

  • It may take longer to get the required results.

8. Coastal Cuisine Cedar Grilling Planks

Coastal Cuisine Cedar Grilling Planks
  • Soak, Smoke, & Serve
  • Simple To Use
  • Versatile Use
  • Sweet Flavor
  • Large Size

These plates are better than other market options as they are spacious enough and avoid hanging food. Since these are high in thickness, they can withstand high temperatures or prolonged cooking. You can easily use it on a gas or charcoal grill.

With this, you will always be able to add sweet-smoky flavour to your favourite food. This keeps the food moist and fragrant so that the food of the eater is watery. It is a great choice for chicken, fish, pig, seafood or vegetables. Its 3 easy steps SOAK, SMOKE and SAVOR which will make your cooking process easier.

It is a set of 8 pieces that provide (4) 7″ W x 18″ L and (4) 7″ W x 8″ L in dimensions. These planks will enhance the taste of all your grilling products. Its packaging comes with instructions and a recipe. These placards are made in Canada from western cedar and are SFI / PEFC certified.

The Good

  • This set is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
  • These pure cedars produce a smoky flavour.
  • This is supported by excellent customer service.
  • It handles a variety of recipes at once.

The Bad

  • They are intended for repeated use only.

9. Wildwood Grilling Variety Plank Pack

Wildwood Variety Plank Pack
  • 6 Flavour Variety
  • Excellent Choice
  • Unique Gift
  • 100% Natural
  • Get More

Wildwood Grilling Plank is a fantastic and most different pack as it not only gives you a sufficient size but also gives you a chance to experience the taste of 6 types of wood. This variety pack comes with cedar, alder, hickory, cherry, maple, and oak wood planks, opening up a whole smorgasbord of options for you.

Now you will have the perfect board for each type of meat, fish, fruit or vegetable using which you will be able to serve a delicious dish to your family and friends. If you are careful about your health and the quality of the foods you prepare, then this product is going to be the best for you. Overall, this shingle is a smart and healthy option.

The Good

  • They are all made with natural timber.
  • They don’t contain any additives or chemicals.
  • They have a fire-grilled, smoky, gourmet-quality taste.
  • It is certified food safe.
  • These can fit 2–4 servings.
  • It is great with seafood and more.

The Bad

  • This set gives a little clutter.

10. Nature Carrier Premium Planks

Nature Carrier Premium Planks
  • Nature And Safe
  • Premium Pack
  • Larger Size
  • Add Extra Flavor
  • Light In Weight

If you are looking for a grate option with test, then try using Nature Carrier once, believe you will not be disappointed. These Chinese Incense Planks are sweeter and stronger than other cedars. It has been given a complete nature finish, and no chemical element has been used.

If you are thinking of giving gifts to your family, friends or relatives on a happy day, then this is a premium option for you. Each of the planks included in this set is well polished, no slivers and splinter.

The dimensions of each plank have been given a proper shape so that it can stand longer during grilling and add more flavour. They are dried and fumigated before cutting during manufacture so that they do not become insects. It is 4/10 “x 6” x 12 “in size and 4.5 lbs in weight. So order this 12 plank set and enjoy the best taste.

The Good

  • They are produced by the sweet and strong Chinese Incense Cedar.
  • It imparts a complete nature flavour.
  • It can be given to your loved ones as a premium gift.
  • All the tablets are well polished.
  • The plank is slightly thickened.

The Bad

  • Need to improve its quality further.

How To Choose The Perfect Planks For Taste?

Best Grilling Planks

Nowadays there are so many planks in the market, out of which it becomes a bit difficult to be sure which one is the best for you. Apart from this, it is also important to have knowledge of which planks are suitable for which food, mainly cedar, cherry, hickory, pecans, maple, apple and almond are used here. However, cedar grilling planks are the most popular. When it comes to choosing planks based on taste, think of some of your favourite proteins, such as hickory-smoked salmon or applewood-smoked bacon. Below we have included some important factors which will help in the purchase.


Many species of trees are used to make these planks, for example, cedar, maple, alder, cherry, oak, and apple, etc. Of these, cedar stands out as the most reliable species with which people often enjoy grilling sessions.

If it comes to taste, then this decision becomes personal. You will choose according to the flavor you like. Here you need to know the different flavours of Planks.


Choosing the right size of planks will save you from problems during grilling. For this, make sure that how many long and wide board do you need for grilling? In this coming, you will play an important role in balancing the plank and quantity of food. A good Planck should be able to handle and accommodate all those foods.


If you grill continuous meals, then you have to look for an option that can be used 2 to 3 times. Along with this, the flowing is weightier and more durable so that the slower food can add more smokey flavours to the food. Most of the above products meet this factor.

Temperature Rating

The temperature limit of all Planks varies. Some can only tolerate low temperatures, and others work at high temperatures as well. This determines whether you will be able to use the plank in the oven because its temperature is from 400 ° F to 450 ° F. If the option you choose is not working at this temperature, then it definitely needs to be changed.

Final Verdict

Now that you are equipped with all the information you need for the best planks let’s go hunting and aim at the best option that you feel is full of taste and is meeting your maximum requirements.

We are very happy to share this information with you and hope that this information will be useful for you. We will keep talking about similar bbq accessories in future too, so stay tuned with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Grilling Planks Be Reused?

Yes, planks made of most durable and hardwood can be used for coupling. This means that they don’t completely lose value after first use. Before reuse, you have to be certain that they are in good shape and condition. This is because they weaken with each use.

2. Can You Cook On A Cedar Grilling Planks In The Oven?

Cedar can withstand high-temperature levels (165 ° C) which are also suitable for use on ovens. Not all planks can withstand this level. You have to make sure that the plank you have is capable of reaching this temperature level.

3. How Long Will The Cedar Board Last?

If you take proper care and maintenance of them, a good cedar plank will last at least five years. Cedar outlines many other types of wood. Here, one more thing to be noted is that if you are not going to use it for a long time, store it in a place where it is protected from moisture.

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