Best Wood Pellets For Smoking – [January 2021]

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Picks to Buy!

RecTec Ultimate Pellets

RecTec Grills Ultimate Blend Pellets

Traeger Hickory Pellets

Traeger PEL319 Hickory Hardwood Grill Pellets

Are you not able to add the taste that you expected in your food?

This problem can only occur with the wood pellets that you are using. You probably need to change them!

Our goal is to provide you with the right guidance and sufficient information for purchasing the best & taste-fire wood pellets for cooking. If you are just new to grilling or smoking session, then this information is going to be very important for you.

If you have tasty wood pellets for grilling, then you will be very confident to make smoked and grilled dishes with great taste for your friends and family. Good quality wood pellets give you the right balance of heat and high heat fumes, creating a tantalizing aroma in food.

So let’s go ahead with our investigation and find a better option for you among the best smoker pellets on the market.

Top 10 Wood Pellets For Smoking

Product Bag(lbs) Blend
RecTec Ultimate Blend Pellets 40 Oak & Hickory
Traeger PEL319 Pellets 20 Hickory
Camp Chef Blend Pellets 20 Hickory, Maple & Cherry
Camp Chef Premium Pellets 20 Apple
Green Mountain Cooking Pellets 28 Apple
CookinPellets Mix Pellets 40 Hickory, Hard Maple, Apple, Charry
Pit Boss 55433 Pellets 40 Apple
BBQrs Delight Pellets 6 Apple, Hickory, Mesquite, Cherry, Pecan & Jack Daniel’s
Louisiana 55405 Pellets 40 Maple, Hickory & Cherry
Lumber Jack Pellets 20 Apple

Which are the 10 Best Wood Pellets For Smoking in 2021?

1. RecTec Grills Ultimate Pellets

RecTec Grills Ultimate Blend Pellets
  • Versatile Use
  • Hickory & Oak Blend
  • Consistent Quality
  • 100% Natural
  • More Energy

Rec Tec Premium Natural Hardwood Pellets are premium smoke pellets made from 100% natural hardwood, made from a mixture of Hickory and Oak woods. This mixture adds a smokey, intense flavour to your meal.

This is especially great for smoked meats, as they provide a stronger flavour than other pellets. The quality of the pellets is indisputable, and they come in a similar shape. This makes it easier to use pellets for your automatic smoker or pellet grill.

The best quality of pellets ensures that there is no danger to your equipment and, despite the high temperatures, they last longer. They can be used to smoker or grill any food.

The Good

  • It is compatible with various grills.
  • They do not produce too much ash.
  • It signifies a trustworthy quality.
  • They are made from freshly cut, healthy wood.

The Bad

  • These pellets can be difficult to use at long temperatures.

2. Traeger PEL319 Hickory Natural Grill Pellets

Traeger PEL319 Hickory Hardwood Grill Pellets
  • Trusted Name
  • Premium Quality
  • Natural Taste
  • Affordable
  • Sustainable Timber

To provide a strong and rich flavour to a wide variety of meat, this twenty-pound bag is another excellent choice. The smoke emanating from this Hickory BBQ flavour will make your food salty.

One good thing about these pellets is that they produce less ash than other wood pellets. Less ash means easier to clean. Made from 100% natural hardwood, these pellets have no filler or additives and finish the work adding a lovely, smoky flavour.

These pellets do not harm the environment or your food. They work well with most types of meats such as pork, poultry, beef, and even smoked vegetables and cheese. Hickory has always been one of the best choices.

If you are new to a smoking session and are unable to decide what type of pill to use, then this option is definitely ideal for you.

The Good

  • These impart a rich hickory flavour.
  • These produce less-ash.
  • These are ideal for a wide variety of food.
  • It is completely budget-friendly.
  • These are better for consistent quality.
  • Their blue smoke adds amazing taste to food.

The Bad

  • The pellets easily disintegrate when exposed to moisture.
  • Larger pellets may need to be broken for use in small pellet grills.

3. Camp Chef Premium Competition Pellets

Camp Chef Competition Blend Pellets
  • Premium Solid Hardwoods
  • Maple, Hickory, Charry Mix
  • No Extra Oils
  • No Fillers or Additives
  • Trusted Brand

With a mix of hickory, cherry & maple, the premium natural hardwood pellets give a completely natural flavour to the meal. It is completely free from filler or additives. They have ultra-low moisture that helps the grill or smoker ignite for a long time.

The possibility of these pellets getting damaged when exposed to moisture during transport or storage is very handy, so some extra storage care will help keep them in good condition.

This mixture is suitable for smoking all meats, seafood and vegetables and can be used during baking. They come in a 20-lbs bag which is sufficient for your outdoor cooking.

The Good

  • These pellets are suitable for smoking all meats and other foods.
  • They are made from a mixture of 100% natural hardwood.
  • Ultra low moisture helps to maintain them for longer.
  • No additional oil, chemicals, or extra artificial flavouring are added to it.
  • This product is made in the USA.

The Bad

  • Their taste may be slightly mild for some meats.
  • These produce more ash than other pellets.

4. Camp Chef Premium Wood Pellets

Camp Chef Bag of Premium for Smoker
  • 100% Natural Pellets
  • Ultra-Low Moisture
  • No Fillers
  • No Additives
  • Well Quality

If you like apple flavour in a smoky colour, then Camp Premium Pellets is a great option for you. These wood pellets will work great with any brand of grill or smoker.

There is no combination of other types of wood in them so that the applewood flavour will stand out more than other combinations. These wood pellets can be used with lots of grills, not only Camp Grills but also from Pit Boss to Traeger, and more.

These are made from 100% quality apple hardwood, with no added oil, flavour, or filler. The standard for any household smoker, these wood pellets symbolize incredible taste.

Apart from giving an incredible taste, they burn very well, and the price is also reasonably level. If you are looking to load some Applewood into your smoker or grill, this is the best brand.

The Good

  • It is the good choice for the taste of smokey apples.
  • Ultra-low moisture content is used in these.
  • They are free of additives and filler.
  • 100% applewood is used in it.
  • These pellets burn well and remain solid when burnt.
  • They produce limited quantities of ash.

The Bad

  • Their price is on the higher side.

5. Green Mountain Premium Cooking Pellets

Green Mountain Premium Cooking Pellets
  • Standard Size
  • Low Moisture
  • Better Performance
  • Less Ash
  • Versatile Offer

If you want something different to fire your grill and smoker, so why not try using Green Mountain Premium Cooking Pellets, you will surely appreciate them. With a 28-pound grilling pellets bag, you’ll have plenty of fuel to cook a storm on the patio or deck.

These are made of solid premium hard wood with a mixture of Applewood, Red Oak and hickory wood, which will add the best quality to your dinner every time. They also have less moisture for better performance, as well as a more efficient burn so that you deal with less ash.

This is the great choice for cooking chicken, pork, fish, or vegetables that will allow you to experience a natural taste. Their special shape is useful for every type of grill or smoker and allows it to last longer.

The Good

  • They are designed to add the best taste to food.
  • It is the perfect choice for grilling and outdoor smoking.
  • Their standard size is suitable for all smokers and pellet grills.
  • 3 flavours have been mixed in them.
  • These burn for a long time with slight smoke.
  • They come at a reasonable price.

The Bad

  • There is no disadvantage.

6. CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix

CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix
  • 100% Hardwoods
  • Best Quality
  • No Bark
  • Premium Exclusive Mix
  • Great Value

This smoker pellets Perfect Mix is ​​a favourite choice of grillers and smokers and is one of the best brands. These are quality pellets with no gimmicks or frills.

They contain many type of wood, which provide a diverse flavour to your cooking. Primarily it has four wood types blended, making it one of the top listed blends on the market. These pellets are made from the center of tree logs using only the best heartwood that does not use any type of bark.

These pellets also contain apple, cherry and maple wood, no matter what kind of food you are cooking. With these, you will get better smoke taste every time as no oil or filler wood has been added to them.

At the price for which it is offered, it is probably one of the best pellets for grilling that you are going to find on the market. If you calculate the cost per pound, it can be a bit more expensive than other type of wood pellets or blends, but in terms of quality, it can be an ideal option.

The Good

  • These are made from natural hardwood and an exquisite blend of apple, maple, cherry and hickory.
  • It is free from bark, oil and additives.
  • It does not contain filler wood which produces a large amount of ash.
  • The versatile mixture makes them useful for various foods.
  • These do not affect the warranty of the grill manufacturers.
  • They can be used for both long and short types of smoking.

The Bad

  • It is priced on the higher side.
  • It may be a bit heavy to carry.

7. Pit Boss 55433 BBQ Wood Pellets

Pit Boss 55433 BBQ Wood Pellets
  • No Artificial Flavours
  • Hotter & Cleaner Smoke
  • Equal Size
  • Great-Tasting
  • Reasonable Price

The Pit Boss brand has always been famous for the production of high-quality smoke pellets. The pellets made by them are ideal for all grills and pellet smokers. The 55433 BBQ Pellets blend combines the smoke and flavour of maple, hickory, and cherry to produce excellent results.

These pellets are long-lasting and ideal for any grill or smoker who comes in a packing of 40lbs. These pellets give a clear, hot burn, and as 100% natural wood, they have no chemicals or additives.

The combination of different wood used to make them allows cooking with variety. You can use them for various foods: from vegetables to meats and hamburgers.

The Good

  • 100% natural hardwood is used in it.
  • There is no filler, no synthetic adhesives, no chemicals used.
  • They can be used for various foods.
  • They come at a reasonable price.
  • These add a mouth-watering taste to the food.

The Bad

  • There was a lack of high temperature in them.

8. BBQrs Delight Wood Smoking Wood Pellets

BBQrs Delight Wood Smoking Pellets
  • Includes Each Flavour
  • Hassle-Free Ignition
  • Easiest Way
  • 6 Popular Flavour
  • Amazing Taste

If you are looking for a range of different pellet flavors, then BBQrs Pellets is the ideal selection for you. It includes six popular flavours, cherry, pecan, mesquite, hickory, apple and Jack Daniel. Its every taste is suitable for any type of smoker or grill.

Each bag comes with a weight of 1 pound, which can be used about 10 times as you use about 1/3 cup of pellets for each cooking session. These pellets, made from 100% apple wood, provide sweet and fruity smoke.

If you are committed to enjoying a strong smokey taste, then it is better to choose mesquite pellets. Also, if you prefer a pink colour to the flesh as well as a soft, sweet smoke, go with cherry pellets. You just have to try the flavours, and you will have what you want.

The Good

  • Its versatile utility is ideal for all grills.
  • This package includes many flavours.
  • These are safe and easy to use.
  • Each flavour includes 1 pound bag.

The Bad

  • The price may be higher for some.

9. Louisiana Grills 55405 Competition Pellets

Louisiana Grills 55405 Competition Blend Pellets
  • Smoke Flavor
  • Versatility
  • 3 Fantastic Flavours
  • Burn Slowly
  • Minimum Ash

These BBQ natural hardwood pellets are the best blend of sweet, savoury and spicy that provide a perfect balance of smoke and flavour. Their blend includes 50% Maple, 25% Hickory and 25% Cherry. If you smoke a lot of vegetables, this mixture will not dominate the taste of the vegetable.

It also comes in a 40-pound bag that will meet all your cooking needs. It has no artificial flavourings or sprays scent, so you can calm your mind when you are worried about health problems.

These provide you with a guarantee of exceptional taste every time. The pellets are made using all-natural materials so that you can expect more real flavours.

The Good

  • These provide a balance in smoke and taste.
  • They produce less ash after burning.
  • These are made from North American raw wood.
  • They have blend of three scrumptious flavours.
  • These are available at a reasonable cost.

The Bad

  • They may produce bad odour after prolonged storage.

10. Lumber Jack Apple Blend Bbq Grilling Pellets

Lumber Jack Apple Blend Bbq Grilling Pellets
  • Best Taste
  • Apple Blend
  • Easy To Carry
  • 20-Pound Bag
  • Smaller Size

These wood smoking pellets are made from real wood which helps provide delicious food every time your bbq grilling session. Despite the best quality of these pellets, you will pay a fair price for 20-lbs.

It mainly uses two wood type: 60% oak, 40% apple. This mixture creates an incredible smell and taste. No harmful chemicals are used in them. You can expect that they will not have any bad effect on your health.

The Good

  • These include a high percentage of flavoured wood.
  • They are quite low in price.
  • These provide good quality.
  • Their diameter is kept small for maximum use.
  • They are free from harmful elements.

The Bad

  • These may give slightly more ash than other options.

How To Choose The Best Wood Pellets?

Best Wood Pellets For Smoking

There are many options of wood pellets in the market, which puts you in trouble at the time of purchase somewhere. With so many options, you can always be confused about which one would be right for you. To eliminate this problem, we have included some of the following factors which will give you the correct direction in the purchase.

Low Ash Content

You can associate this factor with cleaning mainly because the more ash the pellets produce, the more difficulty you will feel in cleaning. Therefore, always choose an option in which the ash is reduced. Apart from this, if a lot of ash is left or generated due to the burning of pellets, then your smoker/grill will run less efficiently. Therefore it is better to look for pellets that claim to have a lower ash content.

No Additives or Bark

Some manufacturers add additives to pellets during manufacture, which help enhance flavour or other properties. But the continuous use of them can be harmful to you because they are made with chemical methods. Therefore, you should use natural pellets as much as possible, which does not harm your health.

Apart from this, more use of bark in pellet increases the ratio of ash, and there is more of ash, you have to take more care of cleanliness; otherwise, the smoker will not be able to work to its potential.

Therefore you look for pellets without filler, including cardboard, bark, glue, or other materials, which have been recycled to burn much hotter.

Low Moisture

The amount of moisture in the pellets determines how much effort it will take to expose your pellet smoker or grill. Generally, the pellets retain moisture at 6.5% or below which is reasonable. If you are using more moisture pellets in this, it will surely take you a long time to get the flame. If you use low-moisture wood pellets, it does not take long to have a good burn. Most reputable brands display a ‘moisture ratio’ on the bag, but the pellets are not stored in a vacuum by most vendors so that ratings may be unrealistic.


When purchasing pellets, always remember that they are similar to your smoker or grill, so that you can work with a continuous flow. Most manufacturers take care of pellet size and diameter during manufacture, so that they can be used in all types of equipment. Still, you must see them.


We cannot anticipate one’s taste in advance because each person has his or her own different choice, especially in terms of taste. Therefore, many options in the market add different flavours to the food. These are ideal for those who like to experiment with smoking. So while choosing, take special care of your needs so that you can get the taste you are paying for.

Final Verdict

You must have understood that the right quality of meat cannot be achieved by just firing on the grill or setting the temperature; it is very important to have pellets of the right taste. It’s a beautiful science, simple enough to enjoy, but complicated enough for you to produce a perfect blend of taste, temperature, and protein type.

So by purchasing a universal blend or flavour of wood pellets and keeping them in hand, you can smoke delicious anytime you want. So now you have chosen a better option for yourself, but remember that proper and safe storage of your wood pellets will help them last longer and provide great flavour.

With these words, we stop this article here, and I hope that you have obtained all the information for which you came here. If you have any questions till now or have asked to share your thoughts with us, then comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Wood Pellets Safe For Health?

Wood pellets are manufactured by natural Hardwood that are safe for use. But you should never use Heating Pellets as these pellets may contain contaminants such as pesticides or chemical treatments. Using them will not only spoil the taste of your food, but it can also make you sick. So keep in mind, when fueling your pellet grill, use only food-grade smoke wood pellets.

2. Need To Soak Wood Pellets Before Using Them?

Most people think that they will burn longer if there is moisture in the wood pellets, but in reality, it is not that moisture is the enemy of wood pellets. Wood pellets are made from sawdust, and soaking in water can break down its structure, causing it to disintegrate.

3. Do Smoker Pellets Provide Similar Taste?

The taste of the pellet depends on the mixture of wood used in it. There are a lot of options for you to choose from which it is difficult to say what is the best smoking taste. This may be your personal opinion. Below we have given some examples which will help you understand them better:

Apple – poultry, pork, lamb, seafood
Oak – all meats, often blended with other wood
Cherry – all meats
Hickory – pork and ribs
Maple – poultry, vegetables, cheese
Alder – salmon, poultry, game birds
Mesquite – red meat
Pecan – poultry
Walnut – red meat, game

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