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Char-Broil Big Easy

Char Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared

Char-Broil Signature

Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 525

Are you looking for a modern way to grill food, which is quick to make as well as tastes in your food? If yes, then you have come to the right place because today we are going to talk about some of the best-infrared grills here which can change your cooking process.

Infrared grilling is one of the latest trends in cooking. It is a gas grill that uses infrared technology as a heat source or alternative burner. In a conventional gas grill, the flame directly heats the grates, but in an infrared grill, there is an infrared element between the grates and the flame. The gas heats the infrared element, which then provides intense heat to the food.

Charcoal and gas grills require warm air flow to cook meal, while grills, on the other hand, rely on hot air to cook food. There is a plate (glass, ceramic, or metal) placed just above the burner that absorbs heat and then radiates it directly into the food. The food is perfectly cooked and delicious, which you will surely like.

Below we have discussed the details and benefits of some of the best infrared grills on the market as well as buying guide. With which you will be able to choose a great option for yourself.

Top 10 Infrared Grills

Product Name BTUs Cooking Area(sq”)
Char-Broil The Big Easy 18,000 180
Char-Broil Signature 525 13,000 525
Philips Smoke-less 5,600
Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 9,500 200
Solaire SOL-EV17A 14,000 140
Northfire Inferno 8,500
Solaire SOL-IR17BWR 14,000 140
Magma Newport 2 11,200 162
Napoleon P500RSIBNSS-3 66,000 500
Char-Broil Signature 420 13,000 420

Which are the 10 Best Infrared Grills in 2021?

1. Char-Broil Big Easy TRU-Infrared

Char Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared
  • 1200sq” Basket
  • 180sq” Grilling Surface
  • Simple to use
  • Ultimate versatility
  • Stainless steel smoker box
  • Quality construction
  • Convenient carrying handles

The Big Easy 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill gives you the versatility of cooking. Then say you want to smoke, roast or grill – all in one easy to use the product. It facilitates TRU-infrared cooking techniques, so there is no flare, and your food cooks equally for tender and juicy results.

You can fit up to 21 pounds of turkey in its cooking basket, and the 180 sq inch grill offers plenty of great steak, burgers, chicken or sides. In it, you will be able to taste a great, oil-less fried turkey that will be gentle and juicy in taste.

This infrared grill is ideal for grilling great burgers, chops, steak, chicken and veggies. It is portable and simple to use. Connect to a standard liquid propane gas tank, turn one knob, and the other knob to light the unit.

A removable grease tray is also included for dirt-free cleaning. This is accessed from outside the unit, allowing you to add wood chips without opening the lid.

It includes a 3-in-1 cooker, cooking chamber, smoking and roasting basket, removable tray, hose with regulator, basket lift hook, two half shelves, smoker drum, metal thermometer and product guide. It weighs just 50 pounds, and two side-mounted carrying handles allow the unit to be carried around easily.

The Good

  • It works with TRU-infrared technology.
  • It includes a 180 sq in cooking grate.
  • It comes with a large holding capacity.
  • Its temperature control ranges from 9000 to 18000 BTU.
  • Internal smoker box has also been added to it.
  • It is provided with double-stack capability.
  • It also serves as a roster.

The Bad

  • The heat of the smoker may be slightly higher.

2. Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 525 Grill

Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 525
  • 525sq” primary surface
  • 200sq” warming rack
  • 4 top-ported burners
  • Grate temperature control
  • Surefire Electronic ignition
  • 13,000 BTUs side burner
  • Wide temperature range

Char-Broil TRU-infrared Patio Bistro 4-Burner Gas Grill has been introduced in a new form, as it used clad steel cooking gates that created difficulty in generating wear marks. It now has heavy-duty grill grates that retain heat and transfer it more efficiently. It is several times faster and capable than the Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Gas Grill.

Its powerful infrared emitter is made of high-quality stainless steel. It has four 8,000-BTU power-generating burners that generate enough heat to cook juicy steak and mouthwatering burgers for 10 people. The burners focus their heat on the emitter which converts the convection heat into infrared heat.

Also just above the emitter are porcelain-coated cooking grates that grill meat quickly and evenly. It has an additional 13,000-BTUs side burner which is perfect for cooking side dishes. It has better features and is better than the older model.

The Good

  • It uses less fuel to grill food efficiently.
  • Its total cooking surface is given 725 square inches.
  • Its electronic ignition system is capable of burning the grill quickly.
  • You can convert it to a natural gas grill with a natural gas conversion kit.
  • It includes four primary burners for lasting performance.

The Bad

  • It requires more maintenance.
  • It is a bit difficult to assemble.

3. Philips Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill

Philips Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Infrared Grill
  • Advanced infrared technology
  • Heats up to 446°F
  • Electric power source
  • Easy clean-up
  • Fast setup
  • 1660W Cooking Power
  • Non-slip feet

This Philips Infrared Grill gives you an electric power to cook grilled food indoors. It has advanced infra-red heating technology, which cooks your food to perfection while reducing the amount of smoke and oil splashes from burning fat.

Advanced infra-red technology and special reflectors guide the heat in delicious, evenly grilled food. The dripping bottom tray is cold, so there is virtually no smoke.

There is no need to adjust the heat. The indoor grill quickly takes a consistent 446 ° F, the optimum temperature for cooking and the juice of your favourite meat, poultry and fish and leaves it juicy and tender on the inside.

The grill is very easy to wash, which you can clean in less than a minute. This grill takes only 1 minute to set. The powerful 1660 watt and non-slip legs for cooking ensure your electric grill stays in place.

The Good

  • It has infrared technology to give good quality of heat.
  • It is easy to install.
  • Its parts are removable which makes cleaning easier.
  • It includes a non-stick aluminium surface.

The Bad

  • It doesn’t have access to adjust the temperature.
  • Its grilling space is not large.

4. Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared

Char-Broil Grill2Go X200
  • 200sq” Grilling grate
  • No flare-up
  • Roadworthy
  • Cast aluminum firebox
  • Temp gauge
  • Dual stainless steel latches

If you are looking for an infrared grill that can accompany you on an adventure tour or camping trip, there is nothing better than the X200 Grill. It can perform well by limiting the flow of warm air and using natural radiant power. Due to this technique, natural juices and flavours are captured within the dish without drying.

Its biggest feature is its lightweight construction which weighs less than 20 pounds. You can take it anywhere. To make it easy to carry, this grille features a durable frame with legs and carry handles. Despite being lighter, its steel grilling grout covers an area of 200 square inches, providing a heap of tasty items for a flock of friends.

It is made with a die-cast firebox and a lid made of aluminium which helps it last longer. The dual latches and floating gauge on the lid give you the freedom to use it in any adventure. Such construction also prevents the formation of rust. Cool-touch heat-resistant grips allow you to pack it whenever necessary. The warm-in built here is also heated with push ignition.

The Good

  • It comes with TRU-infrared technology.
  • It has a cast aluminium firebox.
  • Dual steel latches are provided to secure the lid.
  • It has heat resistant handles.
  • It is constructed with a high impact frame.
  • Its burner provides energy up to 9500 BTU.
  • It is portable and inexpensive.

The Bad

  • Its gas control is not comfortable.
  • Its regulator needs to improve.

5. Solaire SOL-EV17A Everywhere Infrared Gas Grill

Solaire SOL-EV17A Everywhere Infrared Grill
  • Real infrared ceramic
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Electronic push-knob ignition
  • 140sq” grilling area
  • 15 Pounds weight

Are you looking for an infrared grill that you can take on road trips? First of all, you will need to make sure that the grill you choose is compact and light and also durable enough to cover a distance.

The Solaire Sol-EV17A Everywhere Portable Infrared Propane Gas Grill is an excellent example for this, which will fulfil your every requirement. This grill weighs just fifteen pounds and boasts a large carry handle. Its 140-square-inch grilling space is sufficient to cook six hamburgers at the same time.

Its 14,000 Btu energy provides plenty of power to cook things quickly. It heats rapidly with an infrared burner made of ceramic and stainless steel. Within three minutes, a high amount of heat is generated. Its steel construction is designed to be very durable.

The Good

  • Its best quality burner provides high heat.
  • It has a wide grilling area.
  • It works with electronic ignition.
  • It provides 14,000 BTU infrared power.

The Bad

  • There is a risk of flare-ups.
  • It is a bit difficult to clean.

6. Northfire Inferno Single Propane Infrared Grill

Northfire Inferno Single Propane Infrared Grill
  • Heats to 1500°F
  • Quick-cooking
  • Removable racks
  • Push start ignitor
  • Meal in minutes
  • 24lbs in weight
  • Simple to clean

This Infrared Grill is capable of giving better results than any ordinary infrared propane gas grill. In this, you can cook your favourite food quickly as it can heat up to 15000 ° F or 800 ° C. Steak, pork, chicken, burgers, and other types of seafood. It does this in minutes due to its top infrared burner, which increases heat rapidly.

The best part of this is that we found it very easy to use. All you have to do is push the incendiary, and it is ready to cook. It has 4 grill racks that allow you to cook more than one type of food at a time. You can opt to cook the steak to different degrees at the same time.

It comes with stainless steel components for easy cleaning. Along with the grill, you get a food tray, drip tray, grill plate and handle for an easy grip. Its compact size makes the grill easy to portability.

The Good

  • It helps in quick cooking.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It comes with a durable stainless steel finish.

The Bad

  • It can’t be used for cooking for many people.

7. Solaire SOL-IR17BWR Anywhere Infrared Grill

Solaire SOL-IR17BWR Anywhere Infrared Grill
  • Real infrared ceramic
  • Push-button ignition
  • 140sq” grilling area
  • 14,000 BTUs power
  • Weight 20 Pounds

The Solaire Portable Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill is perfect for tailgaters, picnics, camping, balconies and backyards. You will be able to cook great taste and juicy grilled food anywhere with it. This grill features a solar infrared burner, which detects high temperatures in just three minutes. It also features Soller V-Great, which improves taste and eliminates flare-ups.

It includes a hot rack that is integrated into the hood. There is an assembly handle and four adjustable legs to attach. The fully welded grill box with 304 stainless steel is ready to use outside. It operates with a 1-pound propane bottle, in addition to the large BBQ propane gas tank you can use.

This grilling machine gives you the great taste of an intensely hot charcoal fire with control, convenience and gas stability.

The Good

  • It has the facility of warming.
  • It has a push-button ignition for quick startup.
  • It heats up in just three minutes.
  • It is safe and easy to use.
  • It is very lightweight and portable infrared grill.

The Bad

  • It has a small cooking grid.
  • It can’t close the lid during grilling.

8. Magma Products Newport 2 InfraRed Grill

Magma Products Newport 2 Infra-Red
  • Power source propane
  • Electronic ignition
  • Rounded edge design
  • Multiple fuel systems
  • Integrated fold-away legs
  • Hermetically sealed thermometer

Magma Products’ Newport 2 Infra-Red Grill provides you with a great look and portability. With its folded legs, you can easily move it from one place to another. It is also small in size, which consumes very little space when not in use.

This is a great unit for those who are fond of frequent walking. It is constructed with marine-grade stainless steel which is very durable. The cooking grates and drip trays are made by stainless steel which does not take much effort to clean.

The grill also has setter plates under cooking plates to ensure heat distribution. In just a few minutes, its single 11,200-BTU burner can heat up to 500 ° F. In addition to this it spreads heat evenly and ensures that the grill maintains a constant temperature.

The Good

  • It is produced by durable building material.
  • It is ideal for cooking in strong winds.
  • It takes very little time to warm up.
  • It comes with integrated fold-away leg.
  • It has a tempered glass viewing window.
  • It works with dynamic combustion systems.

The Bad

  • Its temperature gauge has colour and not numbers.
  • It doesn’t have a warming rack.

9. Napoleon P500RSIBNSS-3

Napoleon P500RSIBNSS-3
  • Infrared Side & Rear Burner
  • 6 Top burners
  • Total 66,000 BTUs
  • 500sq” Main cooking space
  • 260sq” Warming rack
  • 140sq” side burner
  • JETFIRE ignition

Napoleon Prestige 500 Barbeque Grill works with great-quality infrared burners, and this cart model has the capability of a full outdoor kitchen. Its 4 stainless steel primary burners that produce 48, 000 BTU-per-hour inputs as well as stainless steel ser plates that also provide heat with their layered position and intense flavour to create unforgettable meals.

Invite all your friends and family with its 500 square inches primary cooking space. This gives you enough space to cook up to 31 burgers at one time. It includes a 260 square inch warming rack and 140 square inch burners in addition to the main space that adds additional space.

To start it, the Jet-FIRE ignition has been added to the main burner, which gives you quick start confidence every time. As an additional back up facility, it has a backchannel so that they can close each other. You will be able to cook steak house quality steak every time with its infrared sizzle zone side burner heating up to 1800 degrees in 30 seconds.

The Good

  • It is available in both natural and propane gas models.
  • Its 4 stainless steel burners provide 48,000 BTU-per-hour power.
  • It provides a large space for cooking with side shelves.
  • It also includes a warming rack and side burner.
  • Its Jet-FIRE ignition provides a quick start.
  • It has I-GLOW backlit control knobs for late-night entertainment.

The Bad

  • It’s expensive.

10. Char-Broil 420 Signature TRU-Infrared Grill

Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared Grill
  • Performance TRU-Infrared
  • 420sq” cooking area
  • 155sq” Warm rack
  • 3 top-ported burners
  • Porcelain-coated cast-iron grates
  • 13,000 BTU side burner

This Grill provides you with an extensive cooking area to prepare juicy dishes. It also provides a 155 square inches warming space with a 420 square inches of cooking area. This grill will give you enough space to prepare food for the medium crowd.

It is capable of providing extremely high or low temperatures with three top-port tube burners made of 443 stainless steel. Main burners can heat up to 25,500 BTU, while side burners are capable of 13,000 BTU. With a fold-down cover, it also provides extra space for placing the sides and sauces when not in use.

Its unmistakable electronic ignition provides rapid start-up power with a button and can generate a reliable spark on each. A large door made of stainless steel hides the propane tank and creates some space for some additional storage of cooking items.

The Good

  • It provides 420 square inches of cooking space.
  • It incorporates 3 top-ported steel burners.
  • Its electronic ignition provides a quick start.
  • Its side burner provides 13,000 BTU power.

The Bad

  • Its assembly takes a long time.
  • It can be expensive for some.

How To Choose The Best Infrared Grills?

Best Infrared Grills

To make a good investment, you need to keep certain specifications in mind. From the performance of the infrared grill to the pricing, many factors will affect your choice when you select it. Below we have explained some of the main factors, now let’s take a look at them.

Fuel Source

Infrared grills can work with both propane and natural gas. But if we talk best, propane is a better option than natural gas, because it is easily portable and comes at a low cost. If you prefer to use natural gas, then above, we have given some options that can switch between the two.

Power Level (BTUs)

The BTU (British Thermal Unit) displays an indicator of power heat output. It is a standard measure of heat production in the United States. Generally, the higher the BTU of the grill, the more heat it provides. Apart from this, how much gas the grill uses, you can also estimate it by this measurement.

Ignition System

The quick-to-light ignition system that provides a major role in the grill that you should not miss. The top-notch infrared grills above come with this feature, allowing you to have electronic ignition. The grill’s ignition system eliminates the need for any matches or manual lighting.

Grill Hood

This factor may not have been necessary before, but let us tell you that before purchasing, check the quality of the grill hood. You might not need a hood to cook steak and burgers, but for everything else, you want a spacious one that has enough space for a tall bird or large cuts of meat. Also, check the handle of the grill; if they get too hot, it can make your cooking experience very uncomfortable.

Portability and Capacity

If you are a travel enthusiast, then you will need to make sure that the model you are about to choose, does it offer you easy portability. For this, you have to look at the weight of the grill and its ability to cook. Infrared grills come in many different sizes, mostly depending on the surface area of ​​the product. Whether you are usually cooking only for your small family, a few friends, or a large group, this is a major factor to consider when making your choice.


The large size or space of the infrared grill allows you to cook one large meal at a time. In the choice of the grill, you must first think about how many people you are going to cook for at a time. If you are with a small family, then a medium-sized grill is right for you, and if you are a cook for a large crowd, then you can opt for a larger size. Another possible plus is that many models come with a warming rack. This keeps the cooked food hot or allows you to cook small dishes, etc. while you are grilling on your main burner.

Final Verdict

In today’s time, infrared technology for cooking is gaining popularity as more people have become aware of it. The infrared grill is characterized by rapid cooking and flavouring. In these, food is directly heated instead of medium.

Since most people do not eat only seafood, this technique is of great interest to the majority of the population. Infrared technology can improve any barbecue experience. They are capable of churning out the tasty barbecue for family, loved ones and guests.

The best infrared grill for the money is one that understands your needs and meets them. So now, choose the best option according to your needs and serve your family and friends a delicious meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Infrared Technology?

The infrared grill works like a gas or charcoal grill. An important difference is that infrared burners emit direct, constant heat through radiation. This is a much more efficient cooking process than traditional grilling.

2. Are Infrared Grills Suitable For Working In A Wide Range Of Climatic Conditions?

Yes, they work well in climatic conditions because the process is dependent on radiant heat. Unlike traditional grills, there is no need to worry about flames. With an infrared grill, the heat is radiant light, impervious to the effect of the wind.

3. Is Infrared Grills Able To Reduce The Possibility Of Flare-Up?

Its extra layer prevents flare-ups. This allows warm air to move through the food you are cooking more effectively. It retains 30% more moisture than conventional grills in food.

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