Best Natural Gas Grills Under $2000 In 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1. Napoleon BIP500RBNSS-3 500

Napoleon BIP500RBNSS-3 500

2. Bull Grills BBQ 47629 Angus

Bull Grills BBQ 47629 Angus

3. Lion Premium Grills L75623

Lion Premium Grills L75623

When we think of the use of natural gas, somewhere, we also think about indirectly saving the environment because natural gas burns a lot cleaner than propane and hence it is much better for the environment. Also, a natural gas BBQ is far more convenient.

If we talk about the price point of the natural gas grill, yes it can be a bit expensive compared to the other options, but it is not that there is no work cost option for you here. Now the question must have come to your mind that why are they so expensive?

The reason for this increase is the fittings and hose that runs from the gas grill to your home. Natural gas grills usually come with longer hoses and have a faster disconnect fitting than propane gas grills, causing a slight price increase.

If we talk about safety, we do not need safety or precautions only in natural gas, propane or charcoal grill also have to take care of these things. Both should be operated in well-ventilated areas. Outdoor kitchens are fine under a covered patio until the area is examined, and proper materials and clearances are used.

Below we have briefly explained the top 10 natural gas grills in the market which will be available to you under 2000 dollars. Also, a buying guide is included here for better shopping.

Comparison Chart for Top 10 Natural Gas Grills Under $2000

Which are the 10 Best Natural Gas Grills Under $2000 In 2020?

1. Napoleon BIP500RBNSS-3 500

Napoleon BIP500RBNSS-3 500

If you’re building your own new custom outdoor kitchen, and are thinking of adding the best natural gas grill to it, there’s nothing better than a Napoleon built-in Prestige 500 infrared rear burner. Its stainless steel construction provides durability and style. The stainless cooking grid provides cradle, even heating to your food. Never leave your barbecue again as all Prestige Series grills come with the SafetyGlow feature where the control knobs turn red when the burner is on.

Its JETFIRE ignition system is startup every time, and many burners allow you to visualize any way. Versatile grilling is not retrofitted directly or indirectly for cooking, use an integrated infrared rear top burner for perfect rotisserie food, or with an optional charcoal tray for grilling and smoking to add fun and flavour. Add. For the ultimate freedom to make, start by adding this best grill head.

  • Its infrared heat from the rotisserie burner is perfect for high heat searing and slow spit roasting.
  • Its 7.5 mm thick, prestressed wave shape also provides heat transfer and prevents small foods from falling.
  • Its Night Light Knob comes with Safety Glow.
  • Its specially built lid grill uses centre-of-gravity to lift the rear of the saving space smoothly.
  • Its DUAL-LEVEL stainless style sear plates create staggered heat distribution and protect the burner.
  • It is innovative and easy to use with its INSTANT JETFIRE IGNITION system.
  • Its ACCU-PROBE temp gauge seems to be an accurate approximation of temperature for optimal temp control when grilling.


  • This is a great product, which has no cons.

2. Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 47629 Angus

Bull Grills BBQ 47629 Angus

If you are thinking of combining your grill process with great power, this durable 16 gauge 304 steel BBQ 47629 Angus from Bull Grill will be the right choice for you. It is one of the highest grades of stainless and one of the thickest used in the grill industry. This high-quality material is used to make the grill extremely resistant to reinforcement and corrosion. The solid 304 steel construction, as opposed to hollow, better transports heat for more consistent cooking and is perfect for lifespan.

The piezo igniters of this grill are also quite simple, designed with the least amount of wiring to directly ignite each burner. A stainless housing protects each piezo igniter, so that food droplets do not interfere with the spark igniting the gas from the burner. This versatility and rotisserie/backburner combination on the Bull Angus grill gives serious grillers the ability to slow down any meat. The rotisserie features a chrome-plated split and rod plus motor housing.

This natural gas grill is one of the most durable burner designs and provides reliable and long-lasting performance.

  • It provides you with 75,000 BTUs power to make food.
  • 304, 14 gauge stainless steel has been used to strengthen it.
  • It includes four burners and an infrared back burner.
  • It has a single piece dual-line hood as well as piezo igniter/zinc knobs.
  • A heavy-duty temperature meter is provided on its lid.
  • An SS rotisserie motor has been installed to cook the food properly.


  • For some, it may cost more.

3. Lion Premium Grills L75623

Lion Premium Grills L75623

If you want to have a sleek, stainless grill in the kitchen of your new home surrounded by a completely architectural brick island, there is no better alternative to Lion Premium Grills L75623. Maybe the portable gas grill you have is good, but the built-in grill can easily give your patio the upgrade you’re looking for.

It features 830 square inches of the stand out features including a built-in natural gas grill surface, 75,000 total BTUs, premium solid stainless-steel cooking grinder, interior lights, and a durable smoker head with polished edges.

It is important to understand the need for an all-weather grill and stand for the elements, and this Lion Premium Grill solves this problem. They have built this grill with a 304 steel grade frame and housing to withstand all stainless conditions so that you can grill in the courtyard, poolside, or wherever you wish to grill.

  • It is fully manufactured with great quality material.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • In this, you get a big cooking space.
  • It is an infrared rotisserie back burner.


  • Possibility of heating stainless steel handles.

4. ChWeber 67006001 Genesis II S-435

Weber 67006001 Genesis II S-435

A grill that has a powerful grilling engine, impressive features, and an excellent 10-year warranty to return it will you hold back from using it? I think no, you won’t be able to do this. Yes, this 67006001 II S-435 grill from Weber’s Genesis series is providing you with all these features. This will execute the immense space and seer station as the steak needed for completeness, while the side burner for extra support.

The GS4 high-performance grilling system sets the standard in the world of gas grilling. This powerful grilling is based on 65 years of grilling experience, culinary expertise and people’s wants and needs. Each component of the GS4 was designed to be easy to use and to provide an uneven satisfaction to its backyard grilling experience.

  • Will be able to use its side burner to boil BBQ sauce or sauté vegetables.
  • Its IGrill 3 app-connected thermometer displays the real-time temperature on your mobile device.
  • Its porcelain-enamel lid retains heat, and high-quality materials protect your grill from the elements.
  • Its grill cabinet adds enclosed storage space for all your essential grilling tools and accessories.
  • On this, you are given a 10-year warranty by the manufacturer.


  • Its cabinet has large openings in its sides and back into which animals can easily enter.

5. Broil King 958247 Regal Pro

Broil King 958247 Regal Pro

The Broil King knows very well how to entertain his guests. Its new Regal Pro is designed to help you make mouth-watering dishes that will be a party hit. Featuring the Brill King Performance Grilling Technique (PGT), the Regal 590 Pro will help you cook the perfect steak, tasty and juicy hamburgers, and delicious chicken and chops.

The PGP system incorporates key components of the grill providing precise control and provides a delicious BBQ flavour. Its linear flow valves that allow you to properly control the temperature of your grill in any weather condition. All the features that make Brill King an industry leader, from fit and finish to great grilling performance, are packaged in this grill.

The stainless cooking system provides better heat expansion over the entire surface of the grill and protects the burner. Drippings falling on the flav-r-wave immediately evaporate. The vapour created through this process returns to that unimaginable barbecue flavour in the food. Linear-flow valves with 180º sensor-touch control knobs give you infinite temp control, allowing you to set your grill to the correct temperature for searing, roasting, or slow cooking.

  • It is delivered with a stainless cook box.
  • Its patented dual-tube burner comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • It includes stainless steel GRIDS.
  • It gives you amazing taste every time.
  • This provides complete temp control.
  • A propane tank holder is also included in this.
  • Its powerful side burner allows you to do additional work.


  • The risk of rusting the burner in the external environment. Keep it covered when not in use.

6. Weber 66012001 Genesis II E-330

Weber 66012001 Genesis II E-330

With unmatched grilling performance and upgraded features, the Genesis II E-330 is designed to be the grill of your choice that meets all of the requirements of your kitchen to its level. Its unmatched grilling performance and advanced features, such as a ser station and side burner, make the Genesis II E-330 the grill of your choice. Based on a 10-year warranty and lifetime of customer support, your search for the ideal grill may end here.

Its advanced GS4 high-performance cooking system sets the standard in the world of gas grilling, and this powerful system is based on 65 years of grilling experience, culinary expertise, and most importantly, the desires and needs of those people. Each component of the GS4 was designed to be easy to use and to provide an uneven satisfaction to its backyard grilling experience.

  • In this, you get 10 years warranty from the manufacturer.
  • It has a powerful GS4 cooking system.
  • Premium cover has been given to protect it.
  • This includes the iGrill3 app feature.
  • This gives the ultimate heat spread.
  • There is no risk of a flare-ups.


  • Some people are not comfortable with assembling the grill.

7. Napoleon Grills LEX485RSIBNSS-1

Napoleon Grills LEX 485RSIBNSS-1

The Napoleon Lex 485 gas grill with infrared side top burner and the rear burner is made with durable stainless steel, which looks good even when harsh off weather. It provides you with every convenience needed to make a delicious meal with a creative flair. For ample storage provides the perfect place to tuck your favourite grilling accessories. Generous side cabinets prepare for juicy banquets. Stainless cooking grids retain heat and also produce cooking.

Additionally, for dark post-grilling, the i-Glow backlit knobs glow a brilliant blue. Its main 4 burners provide an excellent burner to grilling surface ratio, meaning you’ll get better, more heating to meet your barbecue needs. Sear steaks, roast holiday food, bake desserts and breads, smoking will become easier with it now.

A double-walled lid holds heat for oven-like performance. Ceramic infrared heat unit provide incredible heat for the perfect crust and juiciest meats when using an infrared side burner or rear rotisserie burner. Napoleon’s JETFIRE ignition means faster and easier lighting every time. It has everything needed for a great grilling experience.

  • The infrared burner provides the perfect crust and incredible heat for the juiciest meat.
  • Its side zones create red-hot, infrared heat.
  • The i-GLOW provides a brilliant blue glow with backlit grilling at night.
  • Its warming rack is perfect for keeping the prepared food warm while grilling.
  • Its wave cooking grids provide a large contact area for search.
  • It provides heat up to 74,000 total BTUs.


  • The rear of the grill cabinet is open top and bottom. The cabinet is steel and will rust.

8. Weber 47510001 Spirit E-310

Weber 47510001 Spirit E310

With the Weber 47510001 Spirit E 310, you add flavour to your menu and spark life. This grill is ideal for a small crowd or the perfect solution to any family meal. Place the serving tray and spices on the side table so that everything you need is there when you need it. It is manufactured with features such as porcelain-enamelled, cast-iron cooking grates that, while maintaining the heat, guarantee you a great-tasting meal.

It is built to last with a cook box that does not rust or peel over time and is easily equipped with six tool hooks for easy access to the grilling tool. With this, if we talk about its handling, then the low maintenance and easy to clean management system remove the hassle of cooking.

  • It is manufactured from high-quality components.
  • Excellent workmanship is evident from the quality of the product.
  • It has an inbuilt storage option in which you can store tools and utensils.
  • With enough space, you can easily cook for a small crowd with this grill.
  • It has everything to offer that a griller would ideally want from an inexpensive grill.
  • This cooking grates is very simple to clean.


  • A decrease in its quality has been observed.

9. Napoleon LEX 605

Napoleon LEX 605

Napoleon LEX 605 Natural Gas Grill offers you a deluxe outdoor BBQ grill. It is design and construction are much better and attractive than others. Its three stainless steel tube burners are rated for 16,000 BTUs for improved heat output, while stainless steel Ser plates ensure a uniform heat surface and protect the flare as well as grease the burner.

The durable stainless steel “wave” cooking grid features Napoleon’s signature “S” pattern and high-quality grill markings for 12,500 BTU and infrared gas burners below to create the perfect “sizzle” zone for steak and other food. Its integrated rear infrared burner is rated for 13,500 BTUs to provide consistent heat.

The JetFire ignition provides a convenient and reliable startup every time while the chrome-plated warming rack adds additional space. Four commercial grade casters provide convenient mobility to complete an impressive product offering.

  • It has easy temperature control for cooking.
  • This gives you a large cooking space (850 sq. In).
  • It is available as propane or natural gas unit.
  • It has a strong, stainless steel construction.
  • It has a total of 5 burners, with 4 mains, and 1 rear.


  • It is not completely stainless steel.

10. Bull Outdoor Products 87049 Lonestar

Bull Outdoor Products 87049 Lonestar

The Lonestar Select 4-burner gas barbecue grill manufactured by 14 gauge 304 stainless steel is ready to cook for a long time in your kitchen. It has 15,000 BTU cooking power with four welded stainless steel bar burners, piezo igniter for 60,000 BTU each, and zinc knobs for each burner.

It also features a single piece dual-line hood with solid stainless steel. Twin lighting system for easy night time cooking which makes it even more attractive. A hot rack is given with 210 square inches and has a total cooking surface of 810 square inches. It is a natural gas model. When you buy a grill, don’t you think you should be able to use the whole thing?

At Bull Outdoor, something similar. Therefore, with the help of specialized engineering experts, ReliaBULL created the technology. This new technology improves heat spread by up to 50% on your grill. These flame tamers create an even greater grilling surface, destroying hot and cold places so that you can use your entire grinder surface.

  • It gives you 60,000 BTU power for cooking.
  • It is manufactured by sturdy 304, 14 gauge stainless steel.
  • It will be able to use 4 welded stainless steel bar burners.
  • It has a piezo igniter and zinc knobs for quick heating.
  • A vast area of cooking is available here.


  • A little trouble in its cooking surface.

How To Choose The Best Natural Gas Grills Under $2000?

best natural gas grill under $2000When we think of purchasing a natural gas grill, some many aspects and considerations suit all buyers that are necessary to keep in mind to suit our needs. At this time, many people have the main question “What to look for when buying a gas grill?” So, let’s know.

Check BTUs Power

BTU means the ability of a BBQ burner to produce heat, which becomes very important to consider when you are looking for a better option. You should know that there is no way to grill steak with a gas grill, whose power is less than 100 BTU / square inch. For a longer BBQ you can use a grill with less than 100 BTU / square inch – but not for grilling – to find out or calculate the difference between grilling and BBQing, you can use BTU for it. Divide by the size of the cooking space. Infrared heat unit typically emit intense heat for suction and cooking so please note that infrared heat unit have better heat dissipation, so grills with infrared burners may have a lower BTU / area coefficient.

Cooking Area

While determining the grill size, it is important to check the area of cooking. The area of almost all grills is calculated in terms of square inches or square cm. Before making a choice, you first see how much cooking space you need for the family! Generally, for a small family, the average 400 square inches and three-burner gas grill should have 400-500 square inches of cooking space. Those who use their five or six burner grills should have more than 500–600 square inches of cooking surface.

Number Of Burners

The choice of burner also depends on your requirement, that is, if you are looking at a grill for a small family, then the number of 2 burners will be enough. With 3 burners here, you can satisfy 8 people easily and 12 people with a little patience. It is a little difficult to achieve a lower heat distribution than any 3 burner, but we see a new trend of a 2 burner compact grill with a small cooking surface that can fit a good balcony. Their right choice also becomes necessary because, when the flame burns, it should not burn the flesh! We want to roast. Do not burn In addition to spreading the fire evenly and well, it must be at an exact distance (3-5 inches) from the furnace.

Heat distribution

The heat wave system can become a major problem for you if it does not work properly. Uniform and effective heat distribution is the secret to juicy and tasty meat. If the heat is not distributed well and evenly, we can know that the meat on the left side of the grill is not yet warmed, while the meat on the right side is long burnt, Which can definitely make you angry. Apart from this, when the design for the pressure in the tube is poor, it is not accurate – the gas usually returns only two-thirds of the way, so the front part will not heat up. First, check what the farthest point from your burner is.

Grill Material

A better material is a must to ensure the longevity of the external grill and the quality of the daily grill. Here the grill is mainly offered in two metals, including aluminium cast and stainless steel, the other metals probably being less qualified. If we talk about the aluminium cast, a lot of grills have a body made of cast aluminium, which is traditionally used due to its resistance to corrosion and its ability to heat and distribute it evenly. They are very durable and often come with a lifetime guarantee for 10 years.

Other than this comes stainless steel which is best for your grill body but, keeps in mind that not all stainless steel is made equal. For durability and performance, you want both the grille body and the frame to be made of stainless steel; then it may have to pay a different price. Some of its main models 304 and model 430 are quite popular. The higher the number when it comes to stainless steel, the higher the quality of stainless steel.

Final Verdict

Generally, we all know that LPG and natural gas are chemically different gases because natural gas is methane gas while LPG is liquefied petroleum gas (propane or butane). The LPG heat content is 93.2MJ / m heat while natural gas is 38.7MJ / m content.

Here we definitely believe that LPG is slightly cheaper than NG, but if it is safety, then NG is ahead in the best option. LPG is heavier than natural gas which can cause damage in the event of a leak, as natural gas will usually spread rapidly, while LPG may collect in low places, near the floor, or in the basement of a home. The risk of the fire remains high.

Also, keep in mind that the gas grill should never be used indoors or in any enclosed area. They should only be used outside in areas that are well ventilated. Keep it on a stable, flat surface.

I think, keeping these things in mind, you will definitely be able to choose the right option for yourself which will give a new flavour to your and your family’s happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Convert A Propane Grill To Natural Gas?

The safest and easiest way to convert a liquid propane grill to natural gas is by a manufacturer-provided conversion kit. Some liquid propane grills come with the vents necessary to prepare the grill for use with natural gas. The existing liquid propane gas hose and regulator must be removed from the grill.

2. Why Are Natural Gas Grills So Expensive?

The reason for this increase in price point is the fittings and hose that run from the gas grill to your home. Natural gas grills typically come with longer hoses and a faster disconnect fitting than propane grills.

3. Is Natural Gas Safer Than Propane?

Natural gas is lighter than propane if natural gas is released into the atmosphere; it is destroyed faster than propane. Therefore, you may feel that natural gas is slightly safer than propane, which takes a little longer to evaporate into the air when it leaks.

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