Broil King Imperial 590 Propane Gas Grill Review [September 2022]

Broil King Imperial 590 Grill

  • Efficient heat distribution.
  • 5 Stainless steel double tube burners.
  • Freestanding installation.
  • Two cook boxes with side burner.
  • Rear Rotisserie burner.
  • Storage cabinet and side shelves.
  • Locking caster wheels.

Broil King Grill manufacturer offers a wide range of grills, from portable to large models. They have many features like a hood light, slide-out gas tank shelves, and spice or sauce bins. Moreover, Broil King is a well-known brand for backyard grilling products. This imperial series model from Broil King is packed with useful features. It takes the cooking experience to a whole new level.

For people who always want the best possible set-pup for outdoor cooking, Broil King Imperial 590 Grill is the right choice for them. In this article, we explain every aspect of this gas propane grill.

If you like barbeque rotisserie food, this grill has deep and spacious cook boxes. Cook your favorite, delicious and juicy cuisine by utilizing the Broil King’s Performance Grilling Technology (PGT). It is a luxurious unit yet affordable for experts and adventurous outdoor chefs. It is made with high-quality material and built to last. For user convenience, the Imperial grill features storage cabinets, stainless steel side shelves, trays, and hooks to hold your accessories and cooking stuff.

Broil King Imperial 590 Gas Grill: First Impressions

Broil King S590 Pro Gas Grill

Broil King Imperial Gas Grill Specifications
Total Cooking Area875 sq. in
Primary Cooking Area625 sq. in
No of Burners7
Total BTU/hr.80000 BTU
Main Burner55000 BTU
Rotisserie Burner15000 BTU
Side Burner10000 B TU
Dimensions62.5 x 24.8 x 49.2 inches
Weight217 lbs

Reasons To Buy

  • Stainless Steel Dual tube burners.
  • Linear flow valves.
  • Built-in oven lights.
  • Tank drawer.
  • Deluxe Accu-temp thermometer.
  • Roll Action Lid.
  • Control knob lights.
  • Stainless steel side shelves.
  • Side storage drawers.
  • Leg leveler caster wheel.
  • Rust-free build quality.
  • Stainless steel cooking grids.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Difficult to clean.

Broil King Gas Grill: Detailed Specifications​

The Imperial 5 burner propane gas grill comes with 5 main burners, 1 side burner, and a rotisserie burner. This BBQ grill gives the ability to cook almost everything in any style. Diehard fans of grilling surely love this equipment for various kinds of cooking.

Cooking Surface

The overall cooking area is 875 sq. inches, including porcelain coated warming rack and stainless steel cooking grates. Where 625 square inches is the primary cooking capacity and 250 square inches for secondary capacity. So, it is perfect for making food for small gatherings and large get-togethers. Use a built-in side burner for slow roast turkeys and roasts with a rotisserie that is perfect for side dishes.

The Stainless steel Flav-R Wave cooking system powered the burners and provides an even temperature across the cooking space. It helps to keep a certain heat level, so you don’t have to adjust it. Further, it provides up to 38% more coverage than its comparable grills. The whole build quality, including cooking grids, cook box is heavier and durable than other grids.


Each of the burners has an ignition switch. The cooking grates are made from heavy professional cast stainless steel. These two-sided grates feature one pointed side for grilling, and another side is grooved for continuous basting while cooking. Food gets beautifully sear marks during the grilling process.

It is fitted with caster wheels with breaks for safety purposes. The Q-level stabilizers prevent the grill from moving while you barbecue. With leveling feet, it is convenient to move nearby the yard. The integrated lights inside the cook box ensure that you will be able to see what you are cooking. Its control knobs lights make grilling easy and hassle-free at night. Also, it adds a touch of style to the backyard with vibrant LED lights of the control button and makes your outdoor cooking unforgettable.

Easy to Use

A one-touch ignition system makes the grilling process effortless. The patented dual-tube burners come along with a port on each side; there are 10 rows of flame. The linear flow of controller has 180 from low to high smooth movement and makes adjustment easy.

This control button lets you control the temperature of the grill in any condition. The integrated temperature scale indicates the value of heat in the lid for easy monitoring.


It provides all grilling power that you need; the main burner releases upto 55000 BTU output and ensures you get a proper temp. Besides, the 10000 BTU output of the side burner is perfect for side dishes like sauces. It emits 15000 BTU from the rear burner that allows making juicy rotisserie chicken. With a dual tube burner, this unit enables gas pressure to build up equally and, as a result, the more evenly diffused heat.

Final Verdict​

With this Broil King Imperial grill, you get delicious and juicy results. This high-quality gas grill is great value for money and offers a pleasant cooking experience. It includes new technology and is loaded with versatile features to give barbecue flavor. The warming racks keep the food fresh and warm for a long time. The perfect pointed side delivers sear marks, and the V-shape side extracts juices for self-basting.

On the other hand, the design of this grill is quite helpful for storing spices, beverages, and sauces in the side boxes. The storage boxes come with a comfortable pull-out drawer that efficiently keeps the tools and other items. It comes with a lifetime limited warranty on the cook box and 10 years for stainless steel parts.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Is it possible to convert the propane gas grill to a natural gas grill?

The company doesn’t recommend converting the grill as this unit is CSA certified. But if you want to alter its mechanism, it may lead to failure in operation. The conversion kit for changing one gas type to another needs to be bought separately.

2. How to prevent the meat from sticking to the grills?

  • Firstly you need to clean the grill before its usage.
  • Use high smoking oil that grills the meat better way without sticking to the grates.
  • Oiling the beef, then place on the warm grills.
  • You can also opt for cooking spray.
  • To stop sticking the meat to the grill, always preheat the grill.

3. How do you remove rust from Broil King Grill?

Follow few steps for removing rust from the Grill:

  • Soak the rusted part in vinegar until it is completely soaked through.
  • Keep it in vinegar liquid for 24 hours to work on the rust.
  • Afterward, use a wire brush or aluminum foil to remove the rust.

4. Can I keep My Broil King Grill Outside?

Yes, you can leave this grill outside, but requires regular maintenance and timely repairs. Proper repair extends the lifespan for many years. It ismade from high-grade material so stand against harsh climate and if you put a cover over the grill that protected it from dirt and moisture.

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