Best Propane Smokers In 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1. Char-Broil Easy TRU-Infrared

Char-Broil Big Easy TRU Infrared Smoker

2. Pit Boss 77435 Vertical

Pit Boss 77435 Vertical Gas Smoker

3. Camp Chef Smoke

Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24

Whenever we go with a grate and portable gas grill or smoker, it may have the best pick as a liquid propane gas smoker, especially if you are a first-timer in the grilling area. Most people like to eat smoked, but choosing the right smoker requires a lot of thought, as you can easily get confused among the many choices in the market.

We have always tried to provide you with the best product, so after thorough research and customer verification in our detailed reviews of the top-rated smokers, you will find it easy to choose the right one for you. This review will not only save you time, as well as you will be able to decide on the best propane smoker easily.

We have listed here the Top 10 LP Gas Smokers, which gives a detailed description of each product and the benefits and disadvantages of all of them. Therefore, move your step forward for the best option.

Comparison Chart for Top 10 Propane Smokers

Which are the 10 Best Propane Smokers In 2020?

1. Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU Infrared Smoker

Char-Broil Big Easy TRU Infrared Smoker

The Big Easy Smoker Roaster & Grill allows you to use in one easy product. It features TRU-infrared cooking technology, so the potential for flare is minimal, and you will be able to cook the food with equally tender and juicy results.

The internal cooking basket with it fits 21 pounds of turkey, and the 180 sq” grill offers plenty of great sticks, burgers, chicken, or sides. The 1200 square inch smoking and roasting basket will accommodate large cuts of meat – fits up to 21 pounds of turkey. And with the TRU infrared cooking system, you’ll get a taste of that great, oil-less fried turkey — crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.

Its worthy grill is ideal for grilling your favourite foods such as burgers, chops, steak, chicken and veggies. It is portable and quite easy to use. Connect to a standard liquid propane tank, turn one knob, and the other knob to light the unit.

The unit features a removable grease bowl for easy disposal and dirt-free cleaning to keep it off the ground and for added stability. The side-mounted smoker box is accessed from outside the unit, allowing you to add wood chips without opening the lid.

  • You don’t worry about flare-ups.
  • In this, you will be able to experience charcoal free smoking and grilling.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is a versatile product.
  • It can hold up to 25 pounds of food inside.


  • There is a risk of rust in it.
  • Price may be slightly higher.

2. Pit Boss 77435 Vertical Liquid Propane Gas Smoker

Pit Boss 77435 Vertical Gas Smoker

Pit Boss Vertical Propane Smoker is one of the smokers. Its dual-valve burner features a 3,500BTU burner dedicated to wood chips. Apart from this, a 10,000BTU burner has been provided for the cabinet temperature.

Both of these valves are controlled by a single gas control knob and allow for temperature control of 100 to 350 degrees. Its push piezo ignition makes for quick burn.

Its 3 Series Vertical Smoker Four Cooking Rack provides 884 sq ‘of smoking space in the cooking area. Large glass viewing window and fully sealed high-temp door seal. This will work better to take your backyard smoking experience to the next level.

  • It includes three large rakes for cooking.
  • It has two independent burners.
  • It provides effective temperature regulation for cooking.
  • It has a viewing window at the front.
  • It is easily movable with its lightweight.


  • Its water pan is large.
  • It has no hook to hang the meat.

3. Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24"

Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24

If you are looking for something to improve your grilling experience with a tiny size smoker, then Smoke Vault 24 would be the perfect option for this. It works with a simple system that will infect your food with the most delicious smoky flavor that cannot be experienced in any other way.

It has a fully adjustable heat-control dial, three valves, and a thermometer to help you control the internal temperature. The cooking temperature range from 160 ° F to 400 ° F. Its heavy-duty wood chip steel tray, and water pans create smoke and keep your flesh moist.

It gives you two adjustable smoke racks with removable porcelain base trays that are very easy to clean. Matchless ignition is included to make this more convenient. These cooking tips, ideas and recipes are included so that you can enjoy delicious food every time.

  • It provides an attractive look.
  • It has two adjustable shelf.
  • It also includes a wood chip tray.
  • It has three damper valves; Comes with one on top and one on each side.
  • It also provides temperature control with quick ignition.


  • There is a need to improve the seal of its doors.

4. Cuisinart COS-244 Propane Smoker

Cuisinart COS-244 Propane Smoker

Cuisinart COS-244 Smoker is one of the best propane smokers that offer to make your food taste good. This unit is provided with two doors which help in easy access and maintenance of temperature.

You can attach it to any standard propane tank so that you can start using it faster. It has a 40-inch hose for easy hookup. With its temperature controller, you can increase or decrease the level and temperature of smoke as you wish so that you can ensure that you are giving the right level of heat to your foods.

It has a thermometer at the door to monitor the temperature. It is easy to operate. Once you close the door properly, the inner chamber remains fully sealed for optimal smoking.

  • It has an easily readable thermometer.
  • It has a durable construction.
  • It provides good value for money.
  • It provides ample space for cooking.


  • The door is not transparent.

5. Smoke Hollow 30164G LPG Smoker

Smoke Hollow 30164G LPG Smoker

Smoke Hollow 30164-G is one of the crown-rated gas smokers in the market. Superbly built and a good price it makes it further in the market competition.

Its size provides you with enough cooking space that incorporates three chrome-plated grids. It is designed for outdoor use, the door has a temperature gauge, and has a lock with a spring handle, which locks the food’s taste inside. With its production capacity of 10,000 BTU, the food cooks quickly and completely.

Its welded steel cabinet construction helps keep heat stable. With 10,000 BTU of continuous heat, you can cook the ingredients of your choice.

  • It maintains the proper temperature for cooking.
  • The temperature gauge on its door is relatively accurate.
  • It is available at a reliable price.
  • It is made from a piece of strong steel.


  • Lack of durability.

6. Smoke Hollow 44241G2 44-Inch Vertical LP Gas Smoker

Smoke Hollow 44241G2 44-Inch Vertical LP Gas Smoker

If you are thinking of smoking more then Smoke Hollow 44241G2 can be the right choice for you because its 24.5 x 33 x 16-inch size is enough to feed the entire crowd.

It has a 44-inch cabinet door which makes it easy to keep your food and take it out. Additionally, it also has a second door which allows you to adjust any internal pans without losing any smoke or heat.

Its double burner design provides complete control over the inside temperature. With its solid steel construction, you don’t have to worry about overheating or losing heat.

This gas smoke is designed to be versatile, flexible, and functional. It has been built keeping in mind the needs of the customers so that you can experience enough space and tasty food.

  • It is provided with a 44-inch double door system.
  • It also has a large cooking area.
  • Its floor clamps are adjustable.
  • It also incorporates a porcelain wood tray.


  • It takes longer to assemble.

7. Masterbuilt 20051311 GS30D 2-Door Propane Gas Smoker

Masterbuilt 20051311 GS30D 2-Door Propane Smoker

The Masterbuilt 20051311 GS30D comes with four cooking racks, which provide 717 square inches of cooking space. The top rack in this provides enough space to hold large slabs of meat without sacrificing other shelves. With a cool handle and locking doors, your smoking session will become quicker and more convenient.

It also features a push-ignition system and an integrated temperature gauge to make the smoking process easier so that you can have a quick ignition and control the temperature. With strong construction and ease of use, this smoker is going to play an important role in your home family.

  • It has enough space with 4 chrome cooking racks.
  • Its burner is made with stainless steel.
  • Push-switch is provided for easy and quick ignition.
  • It also includes an integrated temperature gauge.
  • Its cool wire handle protects you from heating.
  • It also has porcelain-coated water and wood chip tray.


  • It is heavy, which can cause discomfort to carry it.

8. Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP 36" Vertical LP Gas Smoker

Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP Vertical LP Gas Smoker

If you’re looking for a larger-capacity smoker, the Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP finishes this hunt because, with four adjustable cooking racks, 784 square inches of cooking space, and a 25-pound capacity per rack Provides.

This large LP smokers include a double-door design, an attractive thermometer, Lightning-quick electronic ignition, and sliding air dampers. In addition to great features, DGY784BDP has undergone strict, high-quality product testing as it has successfully received its CSR certification.

It is an easy-to-use LP gas vertical smoker, the perfect solution for long-term backyard cooking. It all starts with a push-switch, ignition that emits a quick pulse for quick and easy lighting. Its 15,000 BTU, cast iron burner maintains a constant temperature for reliable cooking performance in both cold or hot weather.

With heavy-gauge, porcelain enamel in big capacity water bowls and wooden chip boxes, you will be able to cook for several hours with maintenance-free cooking. The temperature gauge has a “smoke zone” which indicates the ideal temperature for the taste of smoke.

  • It has large size water panes and wooden chip boxes.
  • It requires less maintenance.
  • It has a door thermometer for temperature check.
  • Press ignition has been provided to start it quickly.


  • There are no hooks for hanging meat.
  • It is a bit expensive.
  • It takes time to create the temperature inside.

9. Masterbuilt 20050116 Patio-2-Portable Propane Smoker

​Masterbuilt 20050116 Patio-2-Portable Propane Smoker

The Patio Portable LP Smoker by Masterbuilt is the perfect choice for home or on-the-way smoking. It can smoke an entire turkey or ham inside itself and can become your favourite BBQ for rib slabs, or tailgating. It is ideal for camping or road trips.

The 5000 BTU burner and adjustable knob helps to adjust the right amount of flame. It comes with an air-dammer for moisture and smoke control. The removable grease bowl in it gives you access to fast and easy clean-up as it captures all those extra drippings from the cooking chamber.

Its most efficient feature is folding feet that are easily removable during storage and an removable wooden chip box as well as a water bowl ensures maximum comfort and comfort.

  • Its dual smoke racks provide a spacious space.
  • It includes a temperature gauge in front of the door.
  • Its press ignition system quickly and easily ignites the burner.
  • Its regulator knob adjusts the flame to the desired temperature.
  • It has an air damper for humidity, temperature, and smoke control.
  • It is easily portable.


  • The magnetic grip on its door starts to weaken after some time.

10. Masterbuilt MPS 340/G ThermoTemp XL Propane Smoker

Masterbuilt MPS 340/G ThermoTemp XL Propane Smoker

Masterbuilt’s ThermoTemp XL Smoker is designed with many latest and special features that will take you on an exciting journey.

Its newest feature is a thermostatic temperature control that controls the flow of liquid gas in the burner and provides you with a more accurate temperature for smoking meat. This gives you four racks for a total of 792 square inches of cooking capacity, where you can cook for multiple people at once.

It has a temperature capability from 180 to 350 ° F in which you can cook anything. It has a sensor system for a good safety feature that turns off the flow of gas when the temperature is high. It has a single stainless steel burner which is sufficient to distribute heat up to 15,7500 BTU evenly.

It has a double away system, and the chip tray is mounted on the lower door, which is a nice touch. Its build quality is high when you keep anything to cook inside it, the sealed doors lock the taste of that food inside.

  • Its temperature control sensor the burner to maintain the desired temperature.
  • If the flame is extinguished, the safety plug turns off the burner.
  • Its tank fuel gauge indicates the amount of propane in the tank.
  • It has four chrome-coated smoke racks.
  • There is a window on its door so that one doesn’t have to open the chamber to see food.
  • It also includes two locking caster wheels.


  • It has a very short warranty period.

How To Choose The Best Propane Smokers?

Best Propane SmokersWe are well aware that a long list of different prices, sizes and properties of products can take you to a stressful level. So we have listed here the best-rated and most efficient, super easy to use propane smokers that ensure your purchase decision very fast. Here you will get practically answer to every question. Below we have shown some main factors which will help in your purchase.

Cooking Area

When you are looking for a good smoker, make sure to check the cooking surface in it. It depends on you how many people you are cooking for. A typical size smoker provides a range of 250 to 2,000 square inches. A small size smoker is enough for 3 to 4 people in the family. If you are leading a big party (20 to 30 peoples), then you can choose a big size. Some portable smokers have also been included in our list, which can be helpful during your journey.

Number of Cooking Grates

Multiple grates allow you to prepare large quantities and different types of dishes at once, which saves your time and effort. They can be adjusted to different heights; apart from these, you can also remove them to accommodate different sizes of meat and other dishes. Some smokers have a warming rack feature that prevents your sauces and marinades from cooling.


You need to see if the option you are choosing can be cleaned easily. Is there a detachable ash pan that can be cleaned with little effort? Apart from this, you should check that you do not face any problem in maintenance. Most manufacturers make smokers from sturdy stainless-steel or Porcelain Coated materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

Ease of Assembly

The product is usually shipped with a few individual parts to reduce the size of the package and the cost of its shipping. Most of them require minimal assembly, but assembly can be complicated at times. This complex assembly can increase your time and effort, so it is important to check that the product assembly does not have more individual parts. Manufacturers can include a manual in the package.

Temperature Control

For the best smoker, look for a unit that can maintain a constant temperature for cooking food in low heat for a more extended period to allow greater absorption of smoke and flavour. Apart from this, it has the facility of a built-in thermometer, which shows the constant temperature. It is also necessary to have an air vent and burner controller to control the temperature.


Most people believe that only expensive products have better quality, but this assumption is wrong. A smoker is more expensive doesn’t mean that it is the best gas smoker. First of all, you see what your budget is. Then find the model that has the best reputation has the most features and is right for your needs at a reasonable price.

Final Verdict

I believe that to get a better smoker; you should focus on evaluating your needs, functionality, your level of experience and your budget.

A propane smoker is an alternative to electric smoker, charcoal smoker and pellet smoker. These have fridge style racks that give you a better grilling and smoking experience without the hassle of handling wood pellets and ash. Propane smokers are an easy way to add great flavour to your taste. Their basic construction is quite simple and also very easy to use.

I hope that with this information, by now you have made the right choice for yourself which will make your smoky experience even better. If you find something specific in this article, share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Propane Smokers Better Than Others?

Propane gas smoker provides a great alternative to electricity. You do not have to worry about losing power and spoiling your meat. Apart from this it is very portable and gives a smokey taste to the food.

2. How Long Will A 20lb Propane Tank With A Smoker Last?

Usually, a disposable 1lb tank lasts for about 1.5 to 2 hours. Now if the tank is of 20 pounds, then it should last for about 18-20 hours.

3. How Often Should Wood Chips Be Added To The Smoker?

Keep the wood chips in your smoker until the meat is half cooked or 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If your wood chips burn very quickly, soak them in water for about 30-60 minutes before using.

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