Best Smokers For Beginners to Buy – [February 2021]

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Picks to Buy!

Weber Smokey Mountain

Weber 18-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker

Camp Vault 24-Inch

Camp Chef 24 Inch Smoke Vault

If you are a newie in a barbecue session, this task can be challenging for you, and you will find yourself standing in the face of unnecessary mistakes while using a smoker or grill.

As a result, you may be quite angry with yourself, but we don’t want that at all. So we thought for learners on the market to share some of the best smokers that are designed to help every newie.

These smokers are easy to use and come with many features that will help you finish the grilling session without any hassle.

Through this review, you will get information based on their convenience, size, material manufacture, price, warranty and additional features, which will help you to take the right decision.

So let’s take our beginning steps forward and choose a better option for yourself that would definitely like to see you as a master chef later.

Top 10 Smokers For Beginners

Product Type Space(sq”)
Weber Smokey Mountain Charcoal 481
Camp Smoke Vault Propane
Green Mountain Davy Crockett Pellet 219
Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet 573
Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Offset Charcoal 1176
Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical Propane 784
Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric
Z Grills ZPG-7002E Pellet 700
Char-Broil 17202004 Digital Electric 725
Char-Broil 12201570-A1 Charcoal 430

Which are the 10 Best Smokers For Beginners in 2021?

1. Weber 18-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker

Weber 18-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker
  • Durable Steel Construction
  • Best Flavour At Home
  • Large Capacity
  • 2 Nickel-Plated
  • 18″ Wide Grates
  • Heat-Resistant Handle

It is an excellent bullet-shaped smoker that uses charcoal fuel to cook food—made with the strong steel which is capable of keeping heat within it. It is coated with durable chrome and porcelain.

This is a medium-sized unit that is 41″H X 19″ W X 21″ D in dimensions. It is capable of cooking similar to other large high-capacity smokers. Different foods at the same time with this smoker 2 cooking grates are given for bbq lovers.

A temperature gauge has been added to adjust the smoking heat, and the top and bottom vents work better to leave out internal smoke. Additionally, the smokey mountain Cooker has a fuel door that makes it easy to add more fuel.

To provide a reasonable level of protection, an aluminium heat shield pair with strong legs has been added to it. All these features are very important for a beginner, with which it becomes an ideal option for them.

The Good

  • It adds delicious flavour to the food.
  • It is effortless to use.
  • A built-in thermometer has also been added to it.
  • It provides 481 sq” of cooking space.
  • Its dual-vents control the temperature.
  • It is ideal for smoking multiple foods simultaneously.

The Bad

  • It doesn’t include the side handle.

2. Camp Chef 24 Inch Smoke Vault

Camp Chef 24 Inch Smoke Vault
  • 2 Cooking Grids
  • One Jerky Rack
  • 3 Adjustable Damper
  • Snap-Ignition
  • Best Quality
  • Vault Style Smoker

With 24-Inch Smoke Vault you will be able to add delicious mesquite, hickory or any other smoked flavour to your meal. This simple system will drench your food with the most delicious smoked flavour that cannot be experienced in any other way.

In this, you will be able to cook everything from ribs to different types of food easily, and it is easily able to handle an entire turkey. A fully daily heat-control dial, three-foot valve, and a door heater will help you control the internal heat.

The temperature for cooking in this can range from 160 ° F to 400 ° F. Heavy-duty steel wooden stick tray and water pan produces smoke and keeps your flesh moist.

If you are new to this game, then there is no need to worry as cooking tips, ideas and recipes are included with this gas smoker to help you get started. Use the smoke vault to lock in your favourite flavour.

The Good

  • This is a good option for any beginner.
  • It incorporates two adjustable and one jerky smoke rack.
  • Heavy-gauge steel wood chip tray has also been added to it.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • It has three adjustable damper valves to control heat.
  • Its built-in thermometer is easy to use.
  • It also incorporates convenient matchless ignition.
  • Its total power is up to 18,000 BTU / hr.

The Bad

  • It can be a bit difficult to carry.

3. Green Mountain Davy Crockett WiFi Control Smoker

Green Mountain Davy Crockett WiFi Control Smoker
  • Attractive Look
  • Thermal Sensor
  • WiFi Control
  • Weighs 57 lbs
  • Ultimate Performance
  • 3 Power Options

If you are looking for an easy and portable grill and smoker, then go for the Davy Smoker as it comes with a digital wifi controller (control and monitoring via our iOS or Android mobile application) along with being portable.

It also includes a smoking meat probe, a pointed lid for stand-up chicken/ large fowl/ rib racks, and a convenience tray with pot hooks. It also includes Sense-Mate, a thermal sensor that continuously monitors grill temperature.

It can work at 12V or 120AC so you can take it home or camping, tailgating, hunting, house-boating, concerts or anywhere you go. Weighing 57 pounds with folding-able legs, it is the perfect parent to place into the trunk of any car easily. Its folding-able legs can be used as handles for transport.

Its WiFi system allows you to monitor the grill from your phone or tablet, which means that you will now be able to spend most of your time with your family or friends.

The Good

  • Its legs provide a strong surface for cooking.
  • It works with various power sources.
  • An internal thermal sensor has been added to it.
  • Its small size is perfect for storage.
  • It works with an optional app.
  • It has side shelf hooks for hanging utensils.
  • It includes a grease tray that collects most of the fluid.
  • It is easier to use than other small pellet or charcoal grills.

The Bad

  • There is a need to expand its cooking size.

4. Camp DLX SmokePro Pellet Smoker

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX
  • Large Cooking Area
  • Up to 500ºF
  • Big Hopper
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Easy Smoking
  • 2 Smoke Levels

If you are on the first level of outdoor cooking, this Pro Beginner Smoker is ready to take you to the next level. The home griller is designed with this in mind, and its built-in features simplify the smoking process.

The digital temperature readout included in the smoker draws estimates from the cooking process. It gives more stable smoke, and temperature eliminates larger temperature swings and more consistent cooking temperature.

Apart from all this, if we talk about cleaning it, then it is also the first in it. With its patented ash can cleanout system, you will be able to get out the ashes without any hassle. With all these innovative features and its control mechanism, you will definitely love it.

The Good

  • Its cooking area is 429 sq”.
  • It also includes a warming rack which is 144 sq”.
  • It provides temperatures from 160 to 500 ° F for cooking.
  • Its BTU power is 25,000 / hr.
  • It comes with 18 lbs wood pellets hopper capacity.
  • A side shelf has also been added to it.
  • It comes with electronic auto ignition and shutdown mode.

The Bad

  • It may be higher for some in price.

5. Dyna-Glo Charcoal Offset Smoker

Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal Offset Smoker
  • Classic Smokehouse Flavour
  • Offset Design
  • Large Capacity
  • Multi-Functional
  • Adjustable Grates
  • Durable Construction

If you really want to get a wealth of different tastes and custom cooking options, then the Dyna-Glo Vertical Offset Smoker is a gift for you. This is the best charcoal smoker for beginners. It is ready for you through all the doors of taste; you need to take the next step.

It has 1,175sq” of space for cooking different foods at the same time. This model also adds the convenience of an offset box, which keeps heat away from your food directly and also results in heat.

The primary cooking chamber features adjustable smokestacks and side dampers to improve airflow and heat transfer. This Diana-gloss smoker will help you achieve the professional smokehouse flavour you were looking for in your steak, ribs and chicken.

The Good

  • Its vertical design naturally lends itself to increased heat.
  • It is the perfect option to achieve greater efficiency and better smoking taste.
  • Its offset design keeps food away from direct heat.
  • Its six height-adjustable grates accommodate different sizes of food.
  • It comes with 1176sq” of total space.
  • It has a capacity of cooking 25 pounds per grid.
  • Removable steel ash pan has also been added to it.
  • It has a stainless steel thermometer.

The Bad

  • Need for wheels to make transportation easier.

6. Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical Propane Smoker

Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical Propane Smoker
  • Versatile & Convenient
  • Door Thermometer
  • Twist-Lock Handle
  • 4 Durable Racks
  • Adjusting Vent
  • Removable Shelves

If you are looking for the best smoker that gives you enough space along with quality, then there is no better option than Cuisinart Vertical 36″ Propane Gas Smoker. It also gives you the convenience of 4 stainless steel racks with a 784 square” cooking surface.

Its best part is that it is very easy to use. Turning the valve on a propane tank and rotating the control knob is all it takes to start this smoker. Tightly sealed doors will help with stability while adjusting the back vent will raise or lower the smoker’s temperature.

With simple use and multiple cooking racks, you can enjoy new appetizers during the week for a party or a more traditional meal. This smoker will add amazing smokey flavours to anything you put inside.

The Good

  • Its large size allows many trays of vegetables to be put together.
  • It is only 69.5 lb in weight.
  • Four stainless steel racks have been added to it.
  • Its racks are dishwasher safe, making cleaning easy.
  • Its built-in thermometer displays the actual state of the inside temperature.
  • It includes a seal-tight twist-lock door and handle.
  • Its porcelain enamel steel tray holds wood chips and water.
  • It includes a 40-inch hose and regulator that connects quickly to a standard propane tank.
  • This gas grill works with a 20lb tank.

The Bad

  • This doesn’t include the natural gas conversion kit.
  • In some cases, the grates may be smaller.

7. Masterbuilt 20070910 30 Inch Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt 20070910 30 Inch Electric Smoker
  • Digital Control
  • 4 Smoking Racks
  • Wood Chip Loader
  • Electric Power
  • 4 Durable Racks
  • Fully-Insulated

This is perfect for beginners or pro as it uses electric power as opposed to charcoal or propane, allowing you to get results ready for the competition. Just plug this smoker in, set the digital controls, and leave to work.

The patented side wood chip loader allows you to connect the chips without opening the smoke door. Four chrome plated racks provide plenty of space to smoke 6 chickens, 2 turkeys, 4 rack ribs or 4 pork butts.

It has been digitized with a digital command and RF remote control that allows you to control the temperature from a distance easily. This makes its use as simple as possible. The top in temperature control is the top air damper for the smoker, which helps manage the temperature more easily.

The Good

  • Its digital panel makes usability easier.
  • It has 730 square inches of cooking space.
  • It has four durable smoke racks.
  • Its patented side-wood-chip loading system allows you to add wood chips without opening the door.
  • Its fully insulated body retains heat.
  • It has a water-bowl to add moisture and flavour to it.
  • Its air dampers work better for smoke control.

The Bad

  • Its spill shield edges are sharp.

8. Z Grills ZPG7002E Pellet Smoker

Z Grills ZPG-7002E Wood Pellet Smoker
  • Ultimate 8-In-1
  • Upgraded Technology
  • Amazing Flavour
  • Very Convenient
  • Huge Grilling Area
  • 20-lbs hopper

This is a US Based brand that has been delivering high-quality grills and smokers to people for over 30 years. Their main goal is to make high-quality pellet smokers more accessible.

One of their best products is the Z GRILL ZPG-700 Series Pellet Smoker. It provides a wide area for cooking which is 504 square inches. In addition to this, a warming rack has been added to it, which is 190 square inches, it helps to keep your cooked food warm.

Its 25,000 Btu / hr power generates temperatures ranging from 160 ° F to 450 ° F for cooking. A 20-pound hopper capacity has been added to maintain this power for longer. It incorporates internal temperature sensors with advance controls to maintain proper levels of protection and temperature.

This Ultimate Barbecue Wood Fire Pellet Smoker allows you to cook 8 types of food ranging from grills to smokes, bakes, roasts, sears, braise, char-grill and barbecue. Just now you are as far behind as pressing a button.

The Good

  • It provides a huge grilling area.
  • You can cook food in 8 ways.
  • It comes with a digital controller.
  • Its body is resistant to corrosion.
  • It includes an adjustable temperature range.
  • A waste oil collector has been added for ease of cleaning.
  • It has incredible heat retention capability.

The Bad

  • Its price point is at the highest level.

9. Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker

Char-Broil 17202004 Digital Electric Smoker
  • Well Construction
  • Advanced Control Panel
  • Glass Door
  • Large Locking Latch
  • 4 Removable Racks
  • Integrated Meat Probe

This is the perfect choice for starter with large cooking space, giving you complete control over your smoked food through a smoke fire access door, air dampers and 4 smoking rack smokers. It has 725 square-inches of cooking space at three separate cooking gates.

The insulated double-wall build makes this smoker truly the best. Hassle-free construction makes it 10 times more efficient than others with wood chips.

Also, it makes your favourite foods smoke-free by automatically shutting down when cooking. Its warming facility keeps the warm food inside until it is removed and served. Locking latching with its smoke tight seal keeps the flavour and smoke locked inside and indirectly makes the food juicy, smokey and soft.

Using the removable temperature gauge included, you can easily monitor the advanced power panel with an easy-to-read, blue LED display. This electric smoker has wheels and an integrated handle for easy mobility. A large tray is added under the smoker for easy grease removal and cleaning.

The Good

  • It is an insulated, double-walled construction.
  • It has added an advanced panel, and display for easy reading.
  • A removable food thermometer is also included.
  • Its glass door helps in checking the internal condition.
  • It has been given a stainless steel dual-tone finish.
  • Durable locking latches have been added to keep the flavour locked inside.

The Bad

  • Its water pan is small.

10. Char-Broil 12201570-A1 American Gourmet Offset Smoker

Char-Broil 12201570-A1 American Gourmet Offset Smoker
  • Huge Space
  • Durable Grates
  • Lid-Mounted Thermometer
  • Convenient Cleanup
  • Temperature Control
  • Easy Mobility

If you are looking for a reverse flow design, then this offset smoker is going to be useful for you. This is a great way of cooking for beginners with which you will be able to enjoy smoked cuisine without losing space in your backyard.

This smoker provides over 430-square-inch cooking space to feed a large crowd at a backyard party or picnic. Its porcelain-coated cooking boxes keep the temperature at a reasonable level, and a well-engineered ventilation system ensures heat distribution in the main smoking chamber.

Porcelain-coated cooking grates and firebox ash gates have been added with easy access to remove ash after cooking. Additionally, it has a side and bottom shelf for preparation and storage space. Its large 8-inch wheels make it easy to move around on the deck or patio.

The Good

  • It is solid construction.
  • It is ideal for beginners.
  • It has a large cooking area.
  • It is quick to clean and dump the ash after use.
  • It has two wheels added for easy portable.
  • It distributes heat and smoke evenly.
  • It is efficient to operate even in strong wind.

The Bad

  • Its paint may peel off over time.
  • Smoke leaks into it sometimes.

How To Choose The Best Smoker For Beginners?

Best Smokers For Beginners

Before purchasing, beginners need to understand that they should buy something easy for a BBQ session, don’t try anything too hard as first smoke. We think trying a brisket as a timer can prove to be very terrible for you. If you want to buy a smoker with good taste, then follow this buying guide where you have important guidelines related to purchasing.

Smoker Type

If you go into detail for the purchase of smokers, then you will get to see many types here, and each has its pros and cons, but the question is still the same how do you choose the best option for them?

Before deciding this, you should check a few things such as accommodation, budget, patience to learn, availability of the fuel or power supply, and ultimately how much you want to cook (size) and what you want to cook. All these things will lead you to the option that you really need.

Fuel Type

Reflecting on fuel is an important task as it serves as a breather for the grill or smoker. If a source of gas is available in your home, connecting a smoker to the home line provides a constant fuel source without additional costs or trips to refill your supply.

Apart from this, fuel also determines the taste of food. If you cannot compromise your taste, then you definitely need to snatch an option that can give you the taste that you want.

Build Quality

Construction is another important factor in the choice of the smoker, which is important for you to test if you want to spend your long time in a bbq session. Many people prefer to go for the cheaper option and leave out the quality factor. I am not saying that you should always choose the expensive option, just you should check the price as well as the quality so that the price you are offering can give you better results.

Never look for an option that is manufactured by a thin material that leaks smoke waves or fails to keep the heat in. So you balance between inexpensive but still well built, and straight plain cheap Find the option.


The decision of how well your smoker works is based on its ability. If the problem of leakage in the smoker is occurring, then the food will definitely miss the proper flow of heat and smoke that you might not want. For this, you should look for an option that is in proper shape and is able to cook for your entire family.

Final Verdict

Our only objective in writing this article was to help those new bbq lovers who were tired of the problems during the session or dependent on others. All the options given above are simple to overcome these problems, you just need to step towards them.

If you want to share a delicious taste with your friends and family, then choose the latest gadget for yourself.

I hope that this guide has provided you with all the information you felt you needed. If you want to share your thoughts with us, let us know in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Many Types Of Barbecue Smokers?

Although there are many types of smokers, but the main ones are 5 types which include wood smokers, charcoal smokers, gas smokers, electric smokers, and pellet smokers. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but it depends on you what kind of barbecue you want to smoke, and how much you want to spend.

2. Are Electric Smokers Good For Beginners?

Yes, investing in an electric smoker is a best option for you. This eliminates the problems that come up during the start of the smoker. Electric smokers are always with the latest technologies that make the process easier, so if you are a beginner, then this is a great option for you.

3. Which Is Better Than Electric Or Propane Smokers?

Propane smokers give a better smokey taste than electric smokers if you are going behind the taste.

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