Camp Chef Smokepro XT Pellet Grill Review – [February 2021]

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The Most Advanced Digital Control With Amazing Price

Camp Chef Smokepro XT Pellet Grill

Camp Chef Smokepro XT Pellet Grill

  • Large 18 lbs Hopper
  • 429 sq inches Main surface
  • 141 sq inches Extra rack surface
  • Ash cleanout system
  • Includes 2 meat probes
  • 160º F – 500ºF temperature range
  • Easy Assemble And Startup
  • Stainless Steel Fire Box

Every one of us wants to eat delicious and perfectly cooked meal in our daily routine. But in this run-of-the-mill life, everyone has a shortage of time, and everyone wants that they can eat delicious meal without much effort and time. If you too are looking for something like this, then you have come to the right place because we have brought you a smoker-grill today that will not only give you the convenience of cooking delicious food but will also save your time.

SmokePro XT Grill Smoker is a name that will change your cooking style. Bring its savoury simplicity to your back yard and change the way you cook outside. This Pellet Grill comes standard with Gen 2 features like PID technology, which allows you to have the strongest temperature possible.

With its smoke control, set your smoke number between 1 to 10 for a custom smoke flavour. Skip the tedious cleaning method associated with traditional ugliness, which is possible with its infamous ash-cleanout setup. Just dump the ashes after every cook and save yourself hours of cleaning and as a result, enjoy a better taste on your next meatsterpiece. SmokePro XT can deal with anything from fatty pork butts to quick and easy burgers.

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Camp Chef Smokepro XT Pellet Grill Review: First Impressions

Camp Chef Smokepro XT Pellet Grill

Product Specifications
Primary Cooking Area: 429sq. in. Warming Rack Area: 141sq. in.
Total Cooking Area: 570sq. in Stainless Steel Firebox: 5″W×5″D
Dimensions: 47.5×37×24.5 In. Assembled Weight: 133lbs
Colour/Finish: Black Side Shelf: None
Lid Material: Painted steel Cooking Surface Material: Plated steel

The Good

  • It has a PID controller (+/- 5 controllerF) for constant temperature.
  • It includes 2 meat probes.
  • With its 1-10 adjustable smoke settings, you will be able to eat better.
  • Provides a temp range of 160 F – 500ºF.
  • Its menu dial is quite easy to use.
  • It has high visibility, low brightness digital display.
  • It comes with an ash cleanout setup.
  • It also incorporates a cord management system.
  • With this, you can attach the side of Sidekick or Sear Box.
  • It is available at a reasonable price.

The Bad

  • Volatility in its temperature has been observed.
  • This is for outdoor use only.

Quick Look

Most Advanced Digital Control – Smart digital temperature control and automatic auger feeds the pellets into the grill to retain heat for you and produce the maximum amount of smoke. Just set it and let it work.
Endless Versatility – Premium wood-flavoured flavour on the same grill with grill, smoke, bake, roast, brass, and barbecue. Digital controls, heat range from 160 to 500 ° F, use a meat probe to check the internal temperature or toggle the grill temp with the push of a button.
Patented Cleaning – Its ash cleanout system is quite compact, which you won’t find on any other grill. This means that wrestling with a timeless and more time will give you the pleasure of heavenly food.
Easy protection and start-up – In a few minutes, you’ll be ready to load the grill with full chickens, brisket, ribs, jerky, best hamburgers and more and be sure to secure them in a very safe manner.
Cooking Area – Its grilling area dimensions are 19.5 x 22 inches, with a total rack area of 570 square inches.

Features and Benefits

Bug grilling space

Camp Chef PG24 XT provides you with a huge cooking grilling space which is 540 square inches. It is specifically designed to improve your moments when you entertain large groups of people and host a big party. You will find enough room to manoeuvre slices of meat everywhere. Likewise, this huge grilling area will make it easier to clean the entire unit after each use and make it more resistant against wind gusts. That is, now you will be able to invite all your friends to eat at home without fear and serve them delicious food with PG24XT.

Warming rack

Another great feature of this gas grill along with its large cooking space is its warming rack which gives you additional options. You can use this warming rack in many ways, such as heating rolls, veggies, and breads. You can also use it to keep the cooked BBQ at an ideal temperature to serve. This warming rack is quite good as it measures 6 by 24 inches and does not take up a lot of space. It is still sufficient, giving you additional utility whenever you need it.

Digital Control and Meat Detection

If we talk about its control system, then it is much better than others. Camp Chef comes with a great temperature control setup. Both its meat probe and internal temperature probe are accurate and accurate for quick temperature measurement. SmokePro XT also provides you with a decent digital readout that will keep you updated on what’s happening inside the grill. There is no need to open a cover that becomes an opportunity for the smoke to escape. That is, you will be able to control and check your meal in a safe way.

Lightweight and Compact

The PG24 XT comes with a convenient shape and weight so that you will not have any problem in its maintenance. If we talk about the grilling area dimensions, it gives a sizeable 19.5 “x 22” warming rack. It has 570 square inches of cooking space.. With all this, it is only 133 lbs in weight. That is, now you will be able to take it easy and use it anywhere.


The SmokePro XT is an awesome grill that comes with a myriad of interesting features, making your cooking experience delicious. When we look at its price, it becomes difficult to trust it because the price is given very low based on its characteristics. Now you don’t have to put too much burden on your pocket to get it. So now get ready to prepare delicious BBQs and steaks.

Final Verdict

Camp Chef SmokePro XT will change the way you grill. Depending on usability, it puts you well ahead of others because it can automatically maintain the set temperature, assuring you that everything won’t be over or undercooked. Also, this Camp Chef Grill features incredible smart smoke technology that evenly distributes the wood-flavoured flavour in your meal. Every piece of meat and fish in it becomes quite tasty.

When you finish your grilling process, you don’t need to spend an hour cleaning up the dirt inside the grill because SmokePro XT has an simple ash quite system. You just need to dump the ashes after cooking. With this, you make sure that your food will also be good for the next grilling time. With this, you can cook anything from burgers to pork slices.

You can rest assured that all your options will be cooked to perfection as long as you use this real efficient grilling machine. If you are planning to buy this grill, then I will understand that you are taking the right steps to eat delicious food.

I think the information given in this article must have been useful to you and you have got the answer to almost all your questions. If you want to make any suggestion, then write in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Camp Chef Pellet Grills Good?

It is a unique cooking system and is designed to cook slowly. It is not hot enough to cut the meat thin like a steak, but it has a very nice smoke flavour. So this is not a solution for all your outdoor cooking needs, but it is great if you like to cook slow. Enjoy eating with a taste of hardwood.

2. How Do You Clean A Camp Chef?

After you have used it, then clean it with warm water. Use the Camp Chef Scrapping Tool (it comes in a 6-piece grilled toolset) to clean the food bits off the grill smoker. Wipe with a paper towel. Use a thin coat of cast iron conditioner or spread the cooking oil in the grill using a paper towel. It also has a box of ashes on the bottom so that there is no waste in your kitchen. After use, the box has to be emptied and cleaned and again ready for the cooking process on the grill.

3. What Does A Sear Box Do?

The Sear box features 180 square inches of cooking space, 16,000 BTU propane burners, enamel-coated cast iron, and specially designed heat diffuser plates, which steam the dripping of grease. It is easy to pair your pellet grill with a simple mounting system and the included propane tank holder.

4. Is Camp Chef Better Than Traeger?

Traeger is a very popular brand among pill smokers, which draws on the basis of its product characteristics and customer service, but more features also mean more value. Over time other producers are getting better at establishing their position, one of them being Camp Chef. If you care more about the price to quality ratio than a brand, on the other hand, look at the Camp Chef offers. Here you get a better price option along with features.

5. How Long Does Pellet Grill Take To Heat Up?

The time it takes to heat a pellet grill depends on whether you are smoking indirectly or grilling directly without defining heat. For simple smoking, it may take 10–15 minutes. For direct grilling, it takes 15-20 minutes. In these days, the ambient temperature will be affected.

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