Masterbuilt 20071117 Electric Smoker Review [September 2022]

Masterbuilt MB20071117 Electric Smoker

  • Four smoking racks
  • Wood chip fill system
  • Set to savour
  • Up your smoke game
  • Dadgum Good Recipes
  • Temperature Control
  • Consistent smoking

If you are a “newbie” in cooking and find the best electric smoker that combines the benefits of early friendship with quality results. So get ready because the Masterbuilt 30 inch digital electric smoker is here for you in terms of ease to use, and it is a brilliant product.

The most important thing about this smoker is that it is easy to manage; its design is simple and efficient. You can plug it in, load wood chips, set timer and temperatures, and boom smoke pork, but in no time.

It is a 30-inch smoker with a beautiful and modern look finishes-temperature range from 100-275 degrees. Moreover, it comes with a removable drip pan that helps to easy clean up. If you have ever used a non-smoker, then you know that the cleaning process is complicated.

Along with all these qualities, it gives you an attractive look so that it can enhance your elegance at the party. The matter of its property does not end here, so let us know in-depth we defined other features that will help you.

Masterbuilt 20071117 Electric Smoker: First Impressions​

Masterbuilt 20071117 Electric Smoker Review

Masterbuilt 30-Inch Digital Electric Smoker Specifications
Temperature100°F to 275°F
Smoking Racks4
Digital ControllerYes
Power SourceCorded Electric
Weight45.90 lbs

Reasons To Buy

  • Works on a fully digital control system panel.
  • Wood chip loader is quite attractive.
  • Provides oil tray.
  • An adjustable screw legs for stability.
  • You can set the temperature according to your needs.
  • Comes with a remote control feature.
  • Provides four stainless steel grates racks that give you the proper space.
  • Thermostat feature for temp control and continuous smoking.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Doesn’t have wheels and sits slightly lower on the ground.
  • Not suitable for wet weather.
  • Smoker covers not included in the package.

Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker​: Detailed Specifications​

Whenever you choose a product, a question must have come to your mind first of all, what is it in this that you make it buy? To complete this same question, we have described some of the main important points below that distinguish between Masterbuilt 30-inch digital electric smoker and others.

Electric Heating Element

This is the best option in case of gas running out, and you do not want to mess with charcoal. It is easy to start and use, it reaches temperatures in a hurry, and you can still use real wood smoke chips.

Insulated Body

Its body is completely insulated, meaning minimal heat loss, more consistent temperature, and cooking time. This is primarily useful for those people who live in a place where it is colder in the fall and winter, so this master electric smoker gives you a better facility for internal smoking.

Integrated Thermostat

It provides a fixed thermostat that knows what temperature is perfect for your smoker is operating. Besides, it is essential to set temperature throughout this process, and a built-in thermostat helps maintain the desired temperature.

Digital Control Panel

It has a top-mounted control panel that displays all necessary information about your smoking food. When you set time and temperature, your fingers are well protected from any hot spot. Furthermore, it is easy to use and adjust the temperature according to your preferences.

Pellet Fill System

We know that when the cooking process is taking place inside the smoker, opening the door can cause heat and smoke loss and increases your smoking time. So, to reduce the need to access the smoking room, the convenient chip fill system allows you to access the wood chip pan from the side of the smoker.

Door latch

Its latch mechanism closes the door tightly and locks it in place. You will never feel insecure by this, and the heat inside it will not cause any harm. Now all you have to do is put the smoker chicken in it and lock it.

Ease To Use

If you can operate on an electric range, then you will have no problem using this unit. Where it differs from the oven is, of course, wood chips. Even with its patented side wood chip loading system you can add more wood chips without opening the door of the grill.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is easy to clean with a removable rack in Masterbuilt, take them out and scrub them down, although you should avoid using chemicals. For the interior, make a 50/50 mixture of hot water and apple cider vinegar. Apply the mix with a spray bottle and wipe clean with a soft sponge.

Final Verdict​

By now, you must have known that there is a lot of people to like this nice little smoker. This digital electric smoker is great for those people who cannot use the traditional smoking style. You can still have fun and taste it. Unlike “grilling” with an electric barbeque, it is still “real” smoke and gets a taste of wood smoke. So, it is a perfect option for a smoker with limited options.

We have covered almost all the information related to this Msaterbuilt 30 inch Digital Smoker, but if you get more reality, then order it now and check it practically. You will definitely surprised by its results. We thank you for spending time with us on your quest for a better barbeque.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Are Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Is A Good Option?

This is one of the best smokers today. These tools allow you to use wood pieces, pellets, and similar ingredients to add more flavor to both foods, and they cook food very well. With this electric model, you no longer have to worry about having an extra propane tank on hand or running out of fuel.

2. How Often Should I Add Wood Chips To My Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

If you want to smoke something for 6 hours, but it only produces 1 hour of value, then you need to add more chips every hour for 6 hours.

3. Do I Need To Add Water To My Electric Smoker?

It can use to help the smoker control temperature. If it is cold outside, you can add hot or boiling water to the pan, which will help the smoker get the weather up quickly. And if it is hot outside and the smoker is getting hot, adding cold water will help keep the smoker’s temperature where you want it.

4. How To Clean It?

Once the smoker dries completely, use warm water and a soap solution to clean it. First, you will need to remove the debris, if any, with the rip. You can also use a bristle brush.

5. Can I Use My Electric Smoker In The Rain?

They are very sensitive to water. Naturally, you will not use your electric smoker in the rain like you would not use charcoal or even a gas smoker.

6. What Are The Dimensions Of The Internal Cooking Racks?

It has a wide cooking area that can feed your large party well. Its internal cooking space is about 14 x 16 inches, and you can include six chickens, two turkeys, four rack ribs, or four pork butts.

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