Memphis Elite Pellet Grill Review [September 2022]

Memphis Elite VG0002S Pellet Grill Smoker

  • Full stainless steel design.
  • 100% wood fired.
  • Wide temperature range.
  • Suitable for smoking and grilling.
  • WiFi-enabled.
  • Dual convection fans.
  • Intelligent temperature control.

Memphis Grill Smoker offers you an excellent solution for a hassle-free outdoor kitchen. The 39-inch Elite pellet grills feature a combination of 304-stainless steel construction, 6mm nickel-plated steel grates, great heat retention, and seal construction.

Its WiFi integrated features make it a handy grill. With this feature, you can control the grill from any corner of your house. It also sends you a text alert when the meal is ready to eat. What’s more, you can control the temperature with its touch panel mounted on the grill.

This Memphis Elite Pellet Grill is integrated with intelligent features that make your grilling experience memorable. It has a twin-fan convection system that gives excellent air circulation to cook faster and eliminates hot spots in the grill.

So let’s get into depth and know more of its features in detail.

Memphis Elite Wood Pellet Grill Smoker Review: First Impressions​

Memphis Elite Pellet Grill Review

Memphis Elite VG0002S Grill Specifications
Cooking Surface1274 sq. in.
Cooking Area6,345 cub. in.
Weight283 lbs
Dimensions47 x 69 x 29 in.
Temperature180-700° F
Material304 Stainless Steel
ConstructionDouble Wall, Sealed
Convection SystemTwin Fan Combustion
Fuel Hopper24 lb Dual-Bin Hopper
WiFi controllerYes

Reasons To Buy

  • Intelligent WiFi feature.
  • Quite & easy to clean.
  • 7-year limited warranty. 
  • Large Pellet hopper.
  • Solid construction with stainless steel.
  • It has indirect and direct-flame modes.
  • Dual convection-fans work to cook properly.
  • PID temperature control.
  • 24-pound dual-pill hopper for long-term grilling.
  • Comes with genie tool and a meat probe.
  • 180–700 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range.

Reasons To Avoid

  • It’s a bit pricey.
  • Need power source to run.

Memphis Elite Pellet Grill: Detailed Specifications​

Real Wood Fire & Direct Flame Cooking

The Memphis Smoker offers you a better option when it comes to cooking food naturally. It provides a unique flavor and cooking power with the touch of a button. It uses 100% natural wood pellets instead of propane or charcoal. These heating elements cook the food very fast. 

You can even buy various flavors of pellets and mix and match them to your own. The direct fire insert takes wood fire grilling to the next level to grill on a high fire grill and an open flame. With this custom insert, a hot wood fire has the feature of direct and searing. 

Each Memphis Pellet smoker comes standard with straight flame inserts, allowing you to place your burger or steak directly on a high flame that is unmatched by other pellet grills.

Control And Monitor via WI-FI

When you spend a lot of money to get a better product, you can expect the best from it. Memphis Elite offers you some similar features. As with the convenience of controlling it, the Memphis App allows you to monitor and adjust your food temps when you are away from your grill. You can quickly check your food state through your phone while sitting in any corner of your home. Also, the built-in automated recipes let you know what temperature you need and how long you should cook your food. 


The product offers superior craftsmanship and manufacturing standards that guarantee you unbeatable, reliable, durability and temperature accuracy in any weather condition. To make it perfect, an oven-grade gasket is included, in addition to double-walled steel. 

It effectively seals heat and smoke, enhancing burning efficiency while ensuring you well-cooked meat with maximum flavor without losing all-important moisture. You will surely appreciate the versatility of this incredible barbecue. It has enormous storage capacity and has doors where you will easily place your cooking tools.

True Convection Cooking

We appreciate the design of the great fan into this Pellet Grills Memphis. The fans are truly high-end with convection pizza ovens. The combination of grill chamber design and advanced engineering does not require any rotisserie to create heat circulation. 

This grill is perfect for making delicious pastries, bread, roast meats, and vegetables. It comes combined with an Amazing Temp Control System. This top-of-the-line convection technology delivers fast cooking results. The inner fans circulate air and distribute even heat while making your cooked food better than before with all its purities.

24lb Hopper Capacity

The grill consists of two 12lbs capacity hoppers that are capable of holding pellets up to 24 pounds at a time. When you fill it, you will get the nonstop cooking of 62 hours. With the ability to cook directly on fire with wood pellets, the Memphis Elite will give you a pizza oven made of Roman is wood and the rich, smoky flavor found in Japanese steakhouses. This is perfect for those who like outdoor kitchens.

Optional Accessories

– Elite Grate Kit

– Elite Grill Cover

– Additional Memphis Meat Probe intelligent temperature

Final Verdict​

Now you will not doubt that how Memphis Elite is better than others. This unit has been carefully designed to deliver consistently excellent results in very high quality. The grill looks professional and attractive due to its solid construction. 

You may worry a bit about its value, but believe it is a solid investment that will gain the versatility to meet all your cooking needs for years to come. Apart from the price, the Memphis Elite Pellet has no real downside.  If you can justify the price, there is no better one. Memphis also offers you a limited warranty on the product. Its temp control is just incredible, with impressive efficiency and quickness for high heat. This is a work of creation, and I believe you will not be disappointed.

I hope this review helps you. If you would like to leave a comment on Memphis Elite, please do below. You must share your experience too.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the difference between the Memphis Pro and Memphis Elite?

Variations in the two cannot be shown on the basis of characteristics as their components are mostly the same. Both VG0001S and VG0002S have dual combustion fans and are set up as convection systems. Both pellet grills include a direct flame searing plate that will allow you to cook with a controlled flame sealer or indirectly. Each grill is tuned with a temperature limit that provides the best user experience and best results. There is only a difference in hit-power between the two. The Memphis Pro has a temperature range of 180–650 while the Memphis Elite has a temperature range of 180–700.

2. What are the dimensions inside the grill?

Elite is the largest unit made by Memphis Grills. It is ready to cook with 862/1,274* sq. in. (*optional grates). If the volume is important, you can always use a rib rack with an upper cooking grid. The rib rack will allow you to smoke the steep ribs. Even for commercial cooking applications, the Memphis Elite provides cooking surfaces with exceptional heat distribution.

3. Can you control the amount of smoke at each temperature?

No, you can only control the temp. If you want to smoke more, set the controller for lower temp and less smoke, use higher temperatures. If you want to smoke more, then you can also use complementary pellet smokers. Naturally, at a lower temperature, the unit will produce more smoke as opposed to installing the unit up to 700 degrees, where you will have a greater cluster of smoke.

The new Memphis WiFi units closely monitor food and temperatures, automatically feeding wood pellets into the grill to maintain a highly consistent temperature. They automatically adjust the air-to-fuel ratio and control the fans, which also ensures a thorough distribution of heat. The grill setting will also have to be lowered to heat the unit when your desired meal becomes temporary. Memphis Elite will also send you an alert on your phone/tablet to let you know that your food can be cooked through perfection.

4. How long does it take to bring the grill to ‘grilling’ temperature for burgers, steak, chicken?

Dual great fans keep Memphis grills separate from almost every pellet grill on the market and allow for a quick start and arrival at the set target temps. You can do up and grill in the direct or indirect-flame mode in less than 15 minutes.

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