Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet Grill Review – [February 2021]

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Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet Grill

Traeger Ironwood 885

  • 100% Natural Taste
  • 6-in-1 Versatility
  • Easy To Use
  • Temperature Control System
  • 885 Square Inches Surface
  • WiFIRE Controller
  • Ironwood D2 Controller
  • Pellet Sensor

Grilling has become very popular among people today. Grilling is a style of cooking that involves dry heat applied to the surface of the food, usually found at the top, bottom, or side. To quickly cook meat and vegetables, we use a significant amount of direct and radiant heat in grilling. But there is nothing better than the New Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet Grill. I have in my backyard searching for the best wood pellet grill for outdoor cooking parties or other occasions.

It connects you with many state-of-the-art facilities so that you can improve your smoking experience further. The 885 is the most reliable and tested pellet grill. We all want to buy something that gives us less hassle, more longevity and better taste. All these desired features are present in this pellet grill.

This is fueled by 100% all-natural hardwood pellets that affect the taste of amazing wood made in everything you cook. Traeger is not just for grilling, you can also smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ food from ribs to apple pie. Trigger’s easy-to-use controls simplify wood-cooked cooking. Just set the temperature like your oven and let your Traeger do the work for you.

It specializes in making your BBQ easy and repeatable. Apart from this, it becomes even smarter with Alexa. Sound control allows you to adjust temps, monitor food, set timers, and receive alerts on your WiFIRE-enabled grill with a simple command.

Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet Grill Review: First Impressions

Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet Grill

Product Specifications
Control Style: WiFIRE Grilling Area: 885 sq in
Hopper Capacity: 20 lb Size: 47x54x27 in
Weight: 175 lb Works with Alexa: Yes
Hopper Cleanout: Yes Temperature: +/- 10 degrees
Available in: Black Extra: Side Table + Hooks
Locking casters: 2 Total Wheels: 4

The Good

  • WiFire technology in this is more useful than you think.
  • Its app contains a wealth of recipes.
  • This can be controlled and monitored through the phone.
  • It is better to cook with wood fired.
  • It features versatile barbecue cooking.
  • It is the best option for outdoor cooking.

The Bad

  • It is a bit pricey.
  • Its D2 direct drive technology may be incompatible.
  • Its front shelf is an additional purchase.

Quick Look

Taste – Natural hard-wood at Traeger Grill is fueled by pellets that affect the taste of amazing wood made in everything you cook.
6-in-1 versatility – Traeger is not just for grilling, but helps you do a wide variety of artwork.
Easy to use – Trigger’s simple-to-use controls simplify wood-cooked cooking. Just set the temperature like your oven and let your Traeger do the work for you.
Consistency – Get reliable results with constant heat each time. Traeger specializes in making your BBQ easy and repeatable.
Alexa enabled – Grill smarter with Alexa. Sound control allows you to adjust temps, set timers, monitor food, & create alerts on your WiFIRE-enabled grill with a simple command.
WiFIRE Controller – It comes with WiFIRE, with this you can change the temperature, set a timer and monitor your food anytime anywhere with the Traeger app and the YFIRE enabled controller.
D2 Direct Drive – Experience more power and more flavour each time you fire the grill with the D2 Direct Drive drivetrain.

Features and Benefits

State of Art Technology and Grilling Innovation

The Ironwood series is one of the most innovative Traeger grills with Wi-Fi technology, which allows you to control from anywhere. Using a smartphone, you can monitor temperature, schedule time, receive alerts and run custom recipe cook cycles. The Ironwood series also has a built-in pellet sensor that alerts you when the pellets run low. It is completely based on modern technology which gives you a new and better option.

Grilling performance

You know that Traeger pellet grills use wood pellets so that you will find little difference in grilled meat from a gas grill or charcoal grill. The cooking performance of the Traeger Ironwood is so amazing that you will never switch gas or charcoal for smoking after using it. It is ready to get you reliable results every time and specializes in making your BBQ easy and repeatable.

Enough Space

The cooking space of in this is so sufficient that it can easily support a party of 10-12 people. You can easily grill burgers, chickens etc. You can eat your food not only at home but in the garden and anywhere since it has wheels at the bottom so that you can shake it randomly. If you want to store it in your garage, in that case, you fold it. In addition to this, Traeger downdraft exhaust system, a stainless steel side table has been provided to give extra space in which hooks are also provided for hanging cooking equipment. Its main cooking area is 885 square inches.

Grill Smarter With Alexa

Alexa is a unique feature that gives you the convenience of voice control. Traeger has incorporated this same quality into its grill to make its process easier. Now you need to adjust the temps with sound control, so get ready. With it, you can set timers, monitor food, and receive alerts on your WiFIRE-enabled grill with a simple command.

D2 controller

Traeger has an innovative D2 controller incorporated into it to provide superior performance. The D2 is a PID controller, allowing the fan to use variable speeds, speed up, or slow down to reach and hold the desired temperature and smoke level. The D2 comes with 1 meat probe, allowing you to monitor the internal heat of your food from the controller interface or via WiFIRE.


Its D2 controller also includes Traeger’s Super Smoke Mode, which takes the heat inside the grill down to 175 degrees and is fan-cut, producing incredible smoke. Use this mode for the first few hours when using less smoke and slower burning your food with amazing taste and producing beautiful smoke rings in your ribs, brisket or roast. Then kick back your temperature to take advantage of TRU convection heat transfer.

Simple To Use

This makes usability easier with its special features. To use it, you have to set the grill temperature like your oven and let your Traeger do the work for you. Apart from this, its Alexa, WiFIRE Controller and D2 Direct Drive feature make it even easier. That is, you will be able to sit on the sofa and control the grill comfortably.

Easy To Clean

We know that it is very important for the grill to be effortless clean as it is more important in different situations. Keeping this in mind, this is very simple to clean. A user can easily clean the grill grates. There is a bucket for smoking so that you do not have to bother with cleaning.

Easy transportation

This grill provides you with the convenience of carrying it anywhere as it has 4 wheels at the bottom, which allows it to move freely. The front wheels are big and the rear smaller and lockable so you can get stability in one place. Along with this, it has also been taken care of by the Traeger that it should not be high in weight and easy to storage.

TRU convection

The TRU convection combines this grill-shaped design with powerful variable speed fans to create a vortex of smoke inside the grill. The smoke swirls around the barrel to coat their food in delicious smoky flavours. At its bottom has moved the exhaust vent, preventing hot air and smoke from venting out at the top. It also makes it hot because the air is not drafting through the grill, drawing hot air up and out. It also has double side wall 304 aluminated steel insulation, resulting in excellent fuel retention and low fuel requirements to maintain high temperatures.

Final Verdict

Ironwood can certainly be considered one of Traeger’s most advanced series grills, and it may lack some of the features, but believe it, you won’t feel anything like that after use. When we tested it, ironwood saw some smoke damage around the top of the lid, but it did not affect its ability to maintain temperature.

Ironwood has built-in stencil steel grill gates, pellet sensors, concealed grease panes or magnetic cutting boards that are standard on the Timberline series. After the party, your friends and relatives will think that you are skilled about grilling, although you have done so for the first time. So you can experience this grill without any thought.

The Traeger is also a supporter of the best customer service so that you can get good results for the value you make.

If you have any questions, then tell us in the comment box below, we will try to complete your every question. You order it now and multiply your grilling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Traeger Ironwood Truly Useful?

Fueled by real hardwood pellets, the Wi-Fi-capable Ironwood 650 can be used for barbecuing, roasting and smoking, and is easy to use. It may not offer all the features as its other accompanying products, but it is more affordable and can provide excellent food every time.

2. How Long Do Traeger Pellets Last?

When we burn the grill, it is estimated that the smoker burns 1 to 3 pounds of pellets per hour. This gives you a 20lbs hopper which means that each 20-pound bag will provide between 6 and 20 hours of cook time (high or low heat).

3. Can You Use A Pellet Grill In The Rain?

Keep your pellets dry and don’t smoke or grill in the rain. Although wood pellet grills and smokers are prized for their ability to achieve a stable and precise temperature. Be sure to check on your grill or smoker every once in a while during use.

4. How Do You Remove Pellets From A Traeger?

This involves an easy process to remove or replace the pellets, simply open the hopper clean outdoor, and pour the pellets back into a container. If you have an older model, you can easily take them out with a small container or scoop.

5. Are Pellet Grills Healthier Than Gas?

PAHs are carcinogenic substances formed when fat and juice from the meat drip on fire, causing the flames to coat the food above with PAH. PAHs can also form in smoke from charcoal or wood pellets. Scientists say there is no good evidence that pellet grilling is healthier than other cooking methods.

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